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We, the people and citizens of the United States of America, would like the Federal Government to cease and desist their borrowing from the Social Security Fund. We would also like the Government to start making payments on the money they have previously borrowed from the Social Security fund, along with the current rate of bank interest that would be paid on any loan from a legitimate bank.
To date, the Federal Government has helped itself to 2.6 TRILLION dollars of the people’s retirement funds, making no attempt to pay back any of it, and instead, cutting our social security in order to financially better their own positions at the expense of the people. Most politicians go into government to serve. It seems that every U.S. politician that goes into government, comes out a millionaire. In addition, we, the taxpayers and supposed employers of these staff, are expected to pay for ridiculously high pensions for politicians, while we suffer without, because they’ve taken ours, as well.
It must end some time and we ask that this debt that was borrowed WITHOUT the taxpayer’s permission (which under any other circumstances, would be considered theft), be paid back with regular monthly payments ensuing immediately.

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