Stop separating migrant children from their families!

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McFarland United Church of Christ
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In April 2018 our government implemented a zero-tolerance policy on immigration that has separated hundreds of immigrant children, including infants and toddlers, from their parents upon arriving at the border. These families are often fleeing horrific violence and crippling poverty, and parents are doing everything they can to protect their children by coming to the United States. Taking these children from their parents is inhumane, unnecessary, and unacceptable. Although the policy was rescinded in June 2018, the practice continues because of loopholes in the court order and hundreds of children remain in government shelters. In addition, several migrant children have died while in federal custody.

Pediatricians and child welfare professionals have spoken out about the significant and enduring trauma forced separations inflict on children and their families. Family separation also creates challenges for children seeking legal protection, who must now prepare their cases with only limited access to information and documentation from their parents that could help to prove their claims. As a result, children may be unable to support their cases for asylum and could be returned to violence and poverty in their home countries.

There is no law that orders the separation of children from their parents, and we demand that President Trump direct the Department of Homeland Security to immediately halt policies and close the loopholes that allow this to continue to happen.

This ruthless and brutish practice is being done in the name of all Americans. Well, not in our name. We represent people of all faiths, spiritual perspectives and world views who are committed to compassion, justice, kindness and love - and we demand that this cruelty ends.

We insist that all children must be reunited with their families and sponsors, and that the current reality of the separation and detaining immigrant children and immigrants of all ages must end immediately. This will not be done in our name!