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My name is Cole Pickering and I am 25 years old.  I was only 4 when my Mom, Stacy Weischedel, was taken from me.  It's been over 20 years ago that I lost her to the influence of an abusive man and his introducing her to drugs.  But to this very day she is still my world; I love her with all my heart, I believe in her, and she absolutely deserves a second chance. 

My Mom is a first time offender serving Life Without Parole for her participation in the theft of a vehicle, not knowing that a person would be shot and killed.  Her legal treatment is known as the Felony Murder Rule, and antiquated legal concept that is being dropped by many states and MUST be changed on the federal level!  The Life Without Parole means she has been sentenced to die in prison.  Yes, there should be consequences, but the harshness of the sentence doesn't fit her crime.  Here is one example of the injustice of the courts:  being a single mother of a 4 year old she had no money for a defense attorney.  So the court appointed a Public Defender to her.  However, the Public Defender that the court chose had never handled a criminal or federal case before.  She was a divorce attorney who wanted to broaden her career; therefore, signed on as a Public Defender with the Federal Court!!  So my Mom's case was the very first criminal case that she ever tried and there is no way she was qualified to handle a case of such magnitude.  Unfortunately, my Mom was unaware of her lack of experience.  My Mom did not go to trial because she accepted a plea agreement upon the deeply inexperienced advice of her Public Defender.  She told my Mom that if she did not accept the plea agreement that the prosecutors would pursue the death penalty.  My Mom had never been in trouble with the law before.  She was young and naive (only 25 years old at the time) and she trusted her Public Defender to know what was best.  Her Public Defender allowed the court to sentence my Mom and her then husband (co-defendant) at the same time.  This so-called Public Defender also went along with whatever his attorney wanted allowing him to use my mom to benefit his client. 

My Mom is NOT at all a bad person; by nature she is the exact opposite.  Sadly, every appeal my Mom tried to file was kicked back or denied with zero consideration from the courts.  She has been left with no more options other than sentence commutation from the President. Our President's grace is her only hope. 

Let me tell you about the Mom I know.  She grew up in a small Pacific Northwestern town and attended the very same school I went to and graduated from.  Many of my classmates' parents had been her classmates when they were in school.  It has made me feel proud hearing people talk lovingly of my Mom over the years.  I have heard many stories, some funny and some sweet.  My Mom was raised by two very loving, hard working, law abiding parents who taught her the value of family, friends and life, to always respect others, never take anyone for granted, to care for all of God's creatures - big and small, and if you want something you have to work for it.  I know this because she has taught me the very same values.  Before our lives were interrupted she was very devoted to me and my care.  We had a roof over our heads, owned a vehicle, food in the cupboards, clothes on our backs, she had a full-time job and a good daycare for me.  When describing her personality, she is witty and silly, fun-loving and full of compassion.  She always sees the good in others and easily makes friends.  Family has played a very important part in our relationship because with their help I was able to stay in touch with my Mom through phone calls and letters.  Over the years I have been able to count on my Mom to call regularly each week, send letters and cards, and for special occasions (or just because) I would receive something she has crocheted.  My grandmother and I would make an annual trip for a weekend visit to see my Mom in person,  I have always enjoyed the opportunity to see her in person, to see that she is staying upbeat and to hear about what she is doing to better herself with her time.  Now that I am an adult I no longer have to rely on my grandmother to take me to see my Mom and I have continued to make the annual trip for our weekend visits.  We enjoy our time together down to the very last second. 

My Mom is in no way a violent person but her decisions and actions included her in conspiracy to commit kidnapping and carjacking.  My Mom had no idea at all on that fateful day that someone would be carelessly killed by her now ex-husband.  Every day she lives with deep regret and remorse and will live with it for the rest of her life.  During the 20 years she's been in prison she has focused endlessly on rehabilitation with the goal to better herself and become the best mother, sister, daughter, friend, and employee she can be.  She has participated in countless recovery groups, self-improvement classes, parenting classes, education classes, practicing her Faith, and consistently keeping a job.  As a matter of fact, Mom has been working for UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) through many of their different factory changes since the year 2000; therefore, gaining a variety of work skills beneficial to her obtaining employment upon release.  She has been a co-facilitator of Celebrate Recovery, attends a Bible study and prayer group once a week called "Mom's In Prayer", and she goes to church on Sundays.  She has enjoyed volunteering at the Children's Day Events at FCI-Dublin and helping at-risk teens get back on track in a program called "Choices".  In addition to these programs she has completed her apprenticeship for Customer Service in the State of California and has her EPA certification for HVAC. 

My Mom lives her life in prison as a person of integrity being a model inmate who sets an example for others.  She is encouraging and uplifting to everyone around her, especially for those who seek guidance or as someone to listen without judging.  And she would continue to live that way if released because that's who she is.  If given a second chance at freedom, her plan is to reunite with us - her family, obtain full-time employment, become a responsible tax paying citizen, get established in a church, and use her experience to help others recover from their hurts and hang-up's by getting involved in Celebrate Recovery.  She would also like to help At-Risk Teens turn their lives around by volunteering at Youth Centers and /or Homeless Teen Shelters, sharing her testimony and life experiences.  Together with her rehabilitation and the support system that is in place with family and friends, I know with all my heart that Mom will be a productive and responsible member of society.  We all look forward to helping my Mom rebuild her life if given a second chance to do so.  Many of you out here who know my Mom know that what I am saying about her character is true.  So to all of those who previously signed and shared my petition, thank you for your support.  Please continue to help us speak up and speak out on behalf of my Mom and to right the injustices endured by her by sharing my petition with any and all.  And to those who are seeing this petition for the first time, will you please sign and share it so that others can join in showing their support to my Mom being granted sentence commutation by President Trump. 

With 20 years in prison my Mother has paid her debt to society.  Stacy Weischedel deserves a second chance!   FREE STACY WEISCHEDEL !!!!



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