Repeal Plan 2014

The real reason Lake Ontario is too high ! The regulations imposed by the IJC starting in the late 1950s and modified by the current plan are man interfering with nature. The lake is maintained at an high level to benefit electric production and shipping and to minimize flooding and ice damage on the St Lawrence River. Yes there has been an unusually high level of snow and rain, but regulation (man attempting to control nature) are at the root of the problem. Current high rainfall is just a scapegoat that politicians and the IJC have blamed. Anyone who doesn't believe this needs to do the research on lake level, high and low, before regulation and after. Old Fort Niagara has stood at the mouth of the Niagara river at Lake Ontario for several hundred years, going thru several high water events. This year has been the worst, because after 60 years of regulation the lake average regulated depth as crept slowly higher. Add unusual rainfall and you get flooding and an easy scapegoat.

David Kaspersin, Rochester, NY, United States
6 months ago
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