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Jennifer Mayer
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Dear President Trump.

Physician Assistants (PA) would like to thank you for supporting the most effective use of all medical providers as evidenced in your Executive order 13890 Section 5, issued on October 3, 2019. 

The PA profession has had a long history of evolution from its original concept in the 1960s. As PAs, we provide high quality, competent, and effective medical services despite restrictive regulations and laws that do not serve the purpose of improving patient safety or enhancing patient access to health care services. Even with these restrictions, PAs are at the frontline of providing high-quality medical care to patients. There are PAs working in all specialty areas, all areas of primary care, all branches of military service, the CIA, and even the White House medical staff. The PA concept has been so successful that it has been exported to many countries across the world. PAs have proven to be excellent additions to medical staff and if allowed to practice to the full extent of our training, PAs can be a significant solution to addressing health care shortages. Removal of the unnecessary restrictions will serve to empower healthcare business solutions and help Americans better address access to health services, especially in under-served populations. 

Parity of reimbursement will encourage health care organizations to better utilize PAs, resulting in improved access for patients. This executive order will also result in decreased wait times and improve patient outcomes. Since the services physicians, PAs, and NPs provide are the same, the title of who is providing those services should not dictate the reimbursement rate. 

Again, Mr. Trump, thank you for seeing PAs as part of the solution to addressing shortcomings within the current healthcare system.

Please join us and encourage President Trump to continue to recommend changes and federal regulations that will allow PAs to practice the most effective way by signing this petition.

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