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Pardon Cyntoia Brown and Set Her Free!

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Cyntoia Brown is behind bars for killing the man who bought her for money and used her as a child sex slave.

A gun was regularly being pointed at her by a man who had been a sharp shooter in the army. She was physically, sexually and verbally abused by the 43 year old realtor after having been sex trafficked by a pimp known as "Kuttroat". He was hitting, choking and dragging her as well as raping her.

Cyntoia is the third generation of abused women in her family - she, her mother and grandmother were all raped. Her abuse made her paranoid. During her trial she testified to being afraid of her abuser.

Further affecting impulse control, her mother testified drinking at least a fifth a day while pregnant. On appeal, her attorneys were able to show she suffered from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder which affected her brain and showed up on medical brain scans.

The jury sentenced Cyntoia to life in prison. She will only be eligible for parole after serving 51 years. She would be 67.

If Brown’s case were heard today, the court would treat her as a child human trafficking victim. She did kill someone, which she deeply regrets, but she was a young girl, a child, who was being abused in the most depraved and awful ways.

Surely this was only an act of self-defense? In 2017, Cyntoia Brown would be classified a sex slave. However, the law was different in 2004 when she was arrested. She was a little child, manipulated and threatened, who didn’t stand a chance against the men who used her.

President Trump, we the undersigned call upon you to look into the facts of this case with urgency and compassion, and, should you find the facts to be as herein stated, to pardon Cyntoia and set her free immediately. Thank you.

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