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Make Our Schools Safe Again!

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As a parent of 3 young children I am terrified to send them to school, worrying if today will be the day some lunatic walks in with a gun and open fires on our innocent children.

I REALLY wish we didn't live in a world where we are scared to send our children to school, hoping today won't be their last day, praying they won't be threatened at a place that they're suppose to feel safe. Nowadays I do not believe there is such a thing as being too protective. I am tired of hoping things will change, it's time to MAKE a change!

I am starting a petition for a movement to keep our schools safe! I believe if we have some teachers who are trained and authorized to carry a gun in our schools, or hire retired veterans and reserved duty military to protect our children it can prevent these mass shootings from happening. We need higher securities in school so it is not so easy to walk into a school and end innocent lives. We need to make a change now!!

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