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Legalize Marijuana in the United States

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Legalize Marijuana in the United States.  The benefits are numerous.

1 - Reduce budget requirements for enforcing marijuana laws.

2. - Reduce budget requirements for incarceration for minor offenses.

3. - Increase in tax revenues on marijuana at the state and federal levels

How would this help me personally? And possibly you....   I'm 80 years old. I have have bad back problems for over 25 years. Doctors used to prescribe Hydrocodone for my pain. However, the powers that be are cracking down on pain killers. Doctors do not want to prescribe them anymore. Don't even think about Over-the-counter stuff, been there, done that, does not work.

Now I live in Texas where marijuana is not legal. However, every now and then I find some. I have to say it definitely helps with the pain.  When I can't find any (at my age?), I just have to endure the pain. Many times I wonder, why live this long if all I get is pain. Life worth living becomes questionable.

So, should you be in pain now or know someone that is in pain, I'm sure you will support this petition. National surveys report that 60% of the people are in favor of legalizing marijuana. There are over 300,000,000 folks in this country. Let's try to get millions and millions of people like you and me to support this petition.

Let's get the U.S. congress to act!

Thank you,   John Hall




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