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Stop turning people who need surgery away because they don't have insurance or cash

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On April 30th,2017 Khrysti Lunner Cantrell of Cannon City,  Co passed away. She was my friend who was 36 years old,  a wife a mother of teenage triplets loved by many. Khrysti needed heart surgery due to a infection she got in 2014 after going to a dentist for a  abscess and she was not given a antibiotic first.  Within days she became Ill and had to have major heart surgery. During the next few years she had more complications Including being in a comma recovering from that and than another heart surgery. She started to feel better for awhile but than in early 2017 started having heart problems again.  Her doctors in Colorado said she would have to have a third heart surgery but they said they would not do there so they referred her to the Mayo Clinic. A surgeon agreed to preform the surgery but first their was paperwork to be done. In March she became worse and was admitted to the hospital in Colorado. In April the Cantrells learned the devastating news that because she had Colorado medicaid they couldn't accept it and unless the Cantrells had the money the surgery could not be performed. So on April 26th Khrysti was sent home with her husband and hospice. On April  30th Khrysti passed away. I thought doctors and hospitals was to be here to save lives not about the money. Also doctors go volunteer in foreign countries for nothing. Since than I have found out hospital and doctors can turn you away. ER can't because at one time they could but a law was passed saying basic services have to be provided. Since her death I have found out that this is true as I have found others in the same situation. Just like in the ER I would like to see a law passed because shouldn't someone's life matter more than money? 


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