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President Trump Help the Carlson girls get their Daddy back!

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David J. Carlson is a 35 year-old Marine infantry combat veteran of the Iraq War, inner-city public school teacher, and proud Dad to two amazing and beautiful twin ten year old girls, who are in fourth grade. David has been fighting just for the right to see his girls since 2008 nearly annually in Ramsey County District Family Court, Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Since their birth, David has maintained joint-legal and physical custody, and equal parenting time, finally awarded joint custody and equal parenting time officially in 2012.  

On 26 October, 2015 for the first time, David and his girls a week removed from celebrating their birthday at Dad's, were removed because a judge after nearly nine years of attempts by his ex-wife, accused him of having 'PTSD' and being "emotionally abusive" to his daughters. She's argued since he's been in combat he must have PTSD, therefore his custodial rights should be revoked until further notice, although put forth no evidence other than her and her new husbands testimony.

The Hon. Judge Robyn A. Millenacker of the Second Judicial District, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ordered David--an Honorably Discharged Marine veteran with a Good Conduct Medal, no criminal record or history of any abuse to anyone, to undergo a psychological examination.  He would now only be able to see his children at a "highly supervised visitation at a safety center" for 120 minutes per week.  

These little girls were forced to go over 100 days as a result with no contact with their Daddy throughout the entire holiday 2015 season until 25 January, 2016, the day he was finally allowed his first highly supervised visit at FamilyWise Safety Center; it would be more than another month before the weekly 120 minute Order was even enforced, making David only see his children for a few hours between October 2015 and March 2016.  

David did his expert PhD examination, which recommended a full and immediate return of his custodial and parental rights, and the cessation of his safety center parenting.  On 11 February, 2016, David optimistically hoped Court that day would bring about a full return of his girls, and end the nightmare that's been destroying his entire life and relationship with his kids for hundreds of days consecutively, and nearly 500 in two plus years.  

Despite the report requested by Judge Millenacker, her Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Ms. Ramona M. Olson, who began her rebuttal with she is not qualified to call into question the expert report, "however, she didn't feel this report was quality enough for the court, and recommended one of three doctors the Court has used before."  Judge Millenacker agreed, and despite David's request for it to be admitted into evidence it was not, and David Ordered to turn over all records and see one of the Court approved providers.  

When David was given a few moments to make a statement before Court recessed for another 100 days, David proceeded to question the validity of the GAL Report, and serious deficiencies in the case along with alleged bias from the Court in rejecting two consecutive motions he had submitted.  Shortly after starting to make his case, David was stopped mid-sentence and immediately held in Contempt of Court.   David was incarcerated for eight hours straight before being brought back into Court to "apologize to the Court."  

Upon Judge Millenacker bringing David back into her courtroom, after he "apologized for interrupting her Court" she proceeded to threaten David with 90 days of jail time, stating she could jail him for no reason if she wanted--legally, and asked him if he understood her?  If David did not immediately sign over all of his Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical records, which also include four years of U.S. Marine Corps records as well--all in all over a decades worth of protected conversations, and personal medical data that this Court has requested, asking for "any and all records relating to Mr. Carlson" from the VA.  

Aside the Carlson case, with an embattled VA with trust at all-time lows, how can we as a nation expect not just how to help veterans, but getting them to trust that whatever they say or do there can't come back to hurt them a decade later with their children?  Any veteran in need if David's records are allowed opened for his ex-wife and the Court to sift through, in a unrestrained inquisition to find something--anything, to prove David suffers from PTSD and is dangerous to his daughters.  

How can we expect anyone to come forward that have PTSD or mental health issues if they afraid their privacy can be so cavalierly stripped away, and confidential, private, and vulnerable moments exposed and use to slander you by an ex. To think this can lead to removing all parental rights and a parents children abruptly one day wtihout warning is shocking, and an American outrage.  

Judge Millenacker has since subpoenaed David's medical records, and Ordered his VA psychologist to turn over all his records, even threatening Mr. Erik Wittenberg from the bench as well. In her order, she berates both David and his psychologist--both disabled combat veterans who are highly educated and honorable members of the community, continually insulting them throughout her Order.

David as a result of Ramsey County Family Court has missed his daughters entire third grade year totally unexpectedly, all of their first basketball season, their yearly concert, and now his favorite activity--watching his girls play soccer, since he is not allowed at the girls school, at any activity, or any contact with his children outside of a safety center where he is frisked and screened upon entering.

With so many parents absent, the thought of what this Court has done to one man who has only wanted to be a father to his daughters like President Obama and President Trump were able to do should truly shock people.  That our brave veterans are being quietly subjected to such treatment in this country; 1 principal reason behind this country's suicide epidemic is Court treatment, let's look at the causes not just the tragic results.  

Veterans have been asking for help--is anyone listening? It's more than a hotline 1 800 number for us to call, it's destroying our lives in Court and our judicial system which is putting veterans in their graves and it goes overlooked every day by the media and those who are supposed to watch over our system.  

David on 24 March, 2016 filed a federal lawsuit representing himself Pro Se against County of Ramsey, Minnesota; County of Anoka, Minnesota; and Independent School District #624, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, for damages in U.S. 8th Circuit Court, District of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. David is also for an immediate injunction ordering a full return of his custodial rights, and for the immediate removal and investigation of Ms. Olson and her entire case record with children in the State of Minnesota.

Last but not least, David is requesting a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the embattled Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem Program, which has been plagued with a variety of problems literally for decades. David hopes that through his lawsuit and story, that other parents won't ever have to be subjected to the terrible, immense, and unmeasurable pain and suffering he has endured daily, especially since October 2015 to present day.

This United States Marine 's entire life is being destroyed and he has nearly missed his daughters entire third grade experience. Every week the Carlson's are forced to be a 'safety center family' for 120 minutes only further degrades and damages their loving relationship, and puts unbearable strain on his girls as they have never had explanation why they are not allowed to go to their Dads, or why they have to walk around a safety center with him and an observer with a clip board for their entire visit. The girls are not allowed to ask questions or speak of their Dad.

David's story while especially egregious and troubling is not exclusive; there are many other Mom's and Dad's being torn apart in America's broken family court system, that has become more concerned with the money it brings in then the children it protects and helps; or damage their actions have on children. David's case was accepted into the 8th circuit and served to the defendants on 20 May 2016.  

On 23 May 2016, following the recommendation of the GAL, David was stripped of all parental rights and custody of his daughters and sole custody awarded to his ex-wife and new husband. David's story can happen to any parent who has an ex; simply by the utterance of a traumatic experience against him, he has without any evidence or due cause, lost nearly all custodial rights.

David's federal lawsuit was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction by the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court, District of Minnesota on 15 June, 2016; David filed his Notice of Appeal later that same day with the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.  

This can happen to anyone, and I am calling on you to help put a stop to this. Thank you for your time and consideration. To find out more about David and his daughters you can go to his social media links on twitter, instagram, tumblr, flicker, to name a few.  

On 25 August, 2016, David filed for the removal of Judge Millenacker from his case in Ramsey County Family Court to the Chief Judge of the Second Judicial District, Saint Paul, MN.  You can read the filing at  

Chief Judge John Guthmann denied the petition in October 2016, and on the 24th of October, 2016 David filed for emergency assistance from the Supreme Court of the State of Minnesota, and the petition was quickly rejected by the court clerk.  David appealed that decision under Rule 121 to the Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Minnesota and was denied. 

In November, David's ex-wife filed for a 50-year Harassment Restraining Order to prevent him from talking to his kids until 2066 and despite getting into an auto accident and providing four doctors notes, Anoka County District Court proceeded without him and issued the order, effectively killing off David from his children with no evidence, no charges, or convictions of any crime.  

After being denied by the Minnesota Supreme Court in October and told he must go to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, David asked requested an Emergency Writ of Prohibition to stop Anoka County from proceeding without him and was denied.  

Following the issuance of the 50-year order David again after being denied by the Minnesota Court of Appeals filed again with the Minnesota Supreme Court and again was denied by the clerks and Commissioner of the Court, therefore his case never saw the light of day in the High Court. 

David has continued to fight against seemingly impossible and unjust odds in the Minnesota court system, and continued to fight in the U.S. Court of Appeals despite being denied with a one paragraph denial from the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals stating "Affirmed."

With the option of giving up or continuing to fight alone, David on March 6, 2017 filed a Petition for Rehearing En Banc to the U.S. Court of Appeals seeking a panel decision of the entire 8th Circuit Appellate Court to hear his Civil Rights 1983 case against Ramsey County, Anoka County, and White Bear Lake Independent School District No. 624 and is awaiting some kind of decision from the court.

David and his children have not spoken in over 255 days straight, and their relationship is being further decimated by the day as they grow up without the father they had for the first nine years of their lives.  We must stand up with David and his beautiful daughters, they deserve to be reunited and our veterans deserve to have their voices heard in the federal court system!  


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I am Tyler Pierson, a fellow Marine. I served with David in Iraq with the Personal Security Jump Team for the Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, and can tell you first hand that he is a stand up person, man, and father. He exemplifies the core values instilled in every Marine, Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  

I have followed this tragedy for over a year now believing that our court system would prove itself worthy to be hold names like honorable and supreme. I am beginning to lose faith in the system that has separated this loving father from his girls.

The needs of this campaign is to assist this young man with the accumulating cost of fighting for something that most take for granted. This petition will hopefully bring light on a subject that has been overlooked and downright avoided.  Semper Fi. 

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