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My name is Anthony Aponte and I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran. My dates of service are 07/18/2011 to 10/23/2014. During my course of service I was a passenger involved in a Humvee Rollover on November 29, 2012 on highway 564 in Norfolk,VA . It rolled 3 times on my side and slid 150 feet before it came to a stop. I was brought to the hospital given a piece of gauze for my bleeding head and a x-ray done of my left knee and discharged 3 hours later. I received a Violation of Article 86 on December 7, 2012 waking up 2 hours late for duty, 8 days after my Humvee Rollover. My command never put it in the System until January 14, 2013. I deployed to Manama, Bahrain on January 23, 2013 even though mental health started misdiagnosing and stating I was suffering from numerous mental illnesses until my brain injury was discovered on October 06, 2014.
​ Not once, did anyone properly diagnose and discover or properly connect that I was suffering from a Mild TBI and service connected PTSD at that time. All the while I am trying to deal with the suicide of my roommate SO2 Jake Hubman on October 19, 2012, as well as my friend in Bahrain whose life was cut short, MA2 Johnny Oliver on May 9, 2013. On top of my mother’s death on March 22, 2013. Not at anytime was it connected that I suffered from a TBI and PTSD, I was just deemed problematic. And because I was deemed problematic platoon members took it upon themselves to haze me. It got so bad to the point my first deployment was cut short by regiment and I was sent back home on May 05, 2013 and transferred to 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment on Jun 23, 2013.
​On June 14, 2014 I got intoxicated then walked back to my room and started to cut my wrist about 12 times before my roommate restrained me from hurting myself and got help. I was choked to sleep three times by the Duty NCO, given 2 sedative shots, Flexi cuffed my hands, then said I was put into the duty van, and driven around until I passed out and later put back in my room. MARADMIN's and orders were never followed. I was charged with Article 92, Article 128, Article134 and found guilty on 06/19/2014. On 8/19/2014 I was found perfectly fit for separation. It was not until October 06, 2014 that a CatScan revealed I was suffering from mTBI. I was seperated on 10/24/14 with a General OTH discharge. Because of the OTH discharge i receive no help or benefits from anyone and that is why i am writing. My command discharged me on false pretenses and I have proof. I’ve had to pay for my brain surgery myself . I gave all of myself and just ask for compensation for the pain I’m in. 

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