Help Bring Christina Brier Home!

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Christina Brier was adopted 3.5 years ago in Florida.  She has a U.S. issued Florida Birth Certificate. She has an I.R.S. issued tax payer I.D.  Her mother, father and younger sister are U.S. citizens.  Her father is a veteran. Christina has full medical insurance in the U.S. Christina is currently trapped in Medellin, Colombia, while her I-130 application to return to the U.S. to live with her family  has sat for 1.5 years with no feedback as to when it will be completed.  Christina is in Medellin, Colombia now with her U.S. citizen mother and needs to return to U.S.  Her mother can not leave her alone in Colombia at this time. The COVID-19 situation has made it unsafe for them to remain  in Colombia.  Christina has a chronic stomach issue and has been deemed by doctors in Colombia to have a deficient immune system and in need of medical care and at severe risk due to COVID-19.  She has full medical insurance in USA and can be treated by doctors in USA once she is allowed to enter the country. She has a doctors letter from Sacred Heart Medical Group in Pensacola, Florida, stating they are ready to take over her medical care when she returns to the U.S. Christina can legally be granted permission to enter the U.S.A. and wait for her I-130 to complete processing by getting a travel authorization letter and being granted parole into the U.S. by Customs and Border Patrol at any Florida airport she arrives at, or she can be issued a student visa or tourist visa to enter the U.S.A. while her I-130 finishes processing.  The Brier family has reached out to the U.S. State Department, The White House, Florida Congressman Buchanan, Senator Rubio and Senator Scott, the USCIS, and the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia.  None of them have offered any path of valid assistance.  Each of them has been specifically asked by the Brier family to issue a travel authorization letter that will allow Christina Brier to travel to a local airport in Medellin, Colombia and board a humanitarian relief flight to Florida where she can be granted entrance into the U.S. by Customs and Border Patrol.  These requests have been ignored repeatedly.  No U.S. agency with the power to help has chosen to do so thus far.  We need President Trump to cut through the red tape and bring Christina Brier back home to safety with her family in the U.S.A. Please sign our petition asking President Trump to help Christina Brier come home.