President Trump: Grant LaVonne Roach Clemency

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My mom LaVonne Roach is a nonviolent drug offender with an exemplary prison record serving her 22nd year of a 30-year-sentence.

My grandma in the video above has since passed away. She fought so hard to try and get my mom out. My mom has lost her mom, dad and many more dear to her while incarcerated. 

My mom will is the mother of 3, grandmother of 11 and we are expecting her 1st great-grandbaby July 2019. Please release my mom so she can meet her grand babies and great grand baby!!!!

This was her first offense. 

SENTENCING GUIDELINES TODAY: If she were charged today for the same crime she would serve 16 YEARS and been released over  6 years ago.

Lavonne is a Native American women, mother of 3 and grandmother of 9. My mom has maintained a model prisoner status during her time. She has completed multiple rehabilitation programs that consisted of; various certifications, obtaining a collage degree, was a "Choices "mentor to high risk teens" for 5 years, and was given a teaching position to teach inmates on basic paralegal. She is a good person who made one bad choice which has costs her over 20 years. My mom is not a threat to society or any individual for that matter. I know that she will strive to make a positive impact on the lives of her family and within her community upon her release. She has a strong network of friends and family who stand willing and able to fully support her transition and her re-entry into society.

In LaVonne's own words: "I regret the choices I made being involved in the distribution of drugs and the pain I caused my family and my community. Clemency for me would mean going home to help rebuild my family as well as my community. I can not change the choices from my past but I will make a better future. I lost not only my freedom when I was sentenced but I also lost both of my parents and the opportunity to be there for my beautiful children and grandchildren when they needed me the most. My mission in life is to live with integrity and make a difference in the life of others. I would like to thank everyone out there for your support . You bring us hope knowing someone still cares."

My name is Clarissa I am LaVonne's eldest daughter. My grandmother in the video above has unfortunately passed away 7/4/2017 without her daughter by her side.  It has not been easy growing up without a mother, I lost my mom at the age of 18 years old, I am 39 years old now. My younger sister Priscilla was age 14 and brother Edward  was age 10 and they took it the hardest. Growing up, our hope, love and guidance came over the phone and in letters. My siblings and I were so thankful to have wonderful grandparents who stepped in as parents. Within the past years, our grandparents have been terminally ill, they tried to hold on to see their daughter released but in 2015 and 2017, they both passed away. We all took the loss very hard and we need my mom out here more than ever.  She has 9 beautiful grandchildren out here waiting to be with their grandma.

Even her PROSECUTER now agrees she should be granted clemency: "I would be supportive of Ms. Roach receiving clemency. While her impact on her community (not to mention co-defendants) was significant, there is very little doubt that she is not the same person who we sentenced all those years ago. I believe that it would be appropriate to give her a chance on supervised release and see how she reintegrates with the community."


So far, Trump has issued two prison commutations and five pardons. He is looking at 3000 more please help My mom Lavonne Roach be one of them.




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