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Grant Clemency to John Davis First Time Offender Serving a Life Sentence for Drug Charges

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John E. Davis

  • Vietnam Veteran
  • Farmer
  • Hostage in the war on drugs

My dad, John Davis, is 70 years old. He is a Vietnam Veteran and was a farmer in Nebraska after the war. He is now inmate 16923-047 at Federal Correctional Institution Pekin.

With no prior criminal record, he is 17 years into a never-ending Federal life sentence.

When my dad’s home was searched, 0.23g of meth was found. This is approximately 1/25th of a teaspoon. In addition, another person was present in the home after my dad was taken out and his fingerprints were not found on the piece of glass the drugs were found on.

Therefore, my dad’s sentencing was based entirely on the testimony of drug addicts that were both paid and offered plea bargains to create testimony. Most were repeat offenders and, chose their lives over doing the right thing. My dad, who was a first time offender, refused to create testimony against others and chose to go to trial, because he believed in the system. Because of this, the drug quantities created by all the witnesses were attributed to him.

Furthermore, a jury found my dad guilty of conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine. At the time of sentencing, the drug quantity was raised by the judge to 10 kg… 20 times the amount of drugs as the jury verdict. This, combined with arbitrary enhancements imposed by the judge (again, based on the testimony of drug addicts, some who even signed notarized statements later to recant their testimony), took my dad from level 32 on the sentencing table (which would now be level 30) to level 42. Even at criminal level 1, this change by the judge still took my dad from 97-121 months in prison to a life sentence.

While in prison, my dad has completed the Certified Associate Addictions Professional Program and Suicide Companion Program, volunteering in suicide watch for a decade, and has been a model prisoner.

Upon my dad’s release from prison, he will move to Colorado to be with me, his four grandchildren and great-granddaughter. He has absolutely no desire to go back to to Nebraska, except to see the graves of his parents who both died while he was in prison. My husband and I will assume full responsibility for his transportation to Colorado and my dad will live at our home. Furthermore, we own a real estate firm and am ready to employ him to assist in our business.

John E. Davis  is a loving father, grandfather, great-grandfather and Veteran and has proven he is worthy of a second chance at life. My family and I stand ready to support my dad in every way and pray you will grant his clemency.

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