President Trump: Grant Clemency to Dwelly Cauley Jr., Serving a 27 Year Sentence

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President Trump: Grant Clemency to Dwelly Cauley Jr., Serving a 27 Year Sentence

My father, Dwelly Cauley Jr. is a 48-year-old father serving a 27-year sentence without the possibility of parole for a first time non-violent drug offense.  He has been in prison 15 years and unless President Trump grants his clemency, he will spend another decade in prison. My father has spent his years in prison fighting aimlessly and relentlessly; enduring denial after denial, going through the appeals process and yet he still remains hopeful that he will be victorious in this proceeding.

My family's life changed forever when my father was sentenced to twenty-seven years. As a child at the time I couldn’t fathom how long his sentence was or truly understand how long he’d be away. He used to tell me he was away at work and that he’d be home soon. I remember asking him, “Daddy when are you coming home? I miss you!!!”

My father went to prison when I was five years old, and I still have memories of him while he was here. Sadly, these memories have become vague. Scientifically speaking, as we grow older, our brain storage is getting filled more and more, eliminating the older memories along the way. While I'm almost positive that I will never forget the memories I have of him, I feel it is best to create new ones, aside from visiting within the confined space for a few hours. If not now, then when?? There is no greater time for action than right now. My father is a first time nonviolent drug offender who got caught up during the war on drugs era, when offenders were being sentenced to long mandatory minimums. These past fifteen years have been hopeful, wishful, prayerful and this year of 2018, contains my prayers in which I hope shall get answered in the affirmative.

My father is a Longshoreman, who worked at the Port of Miami for 16 years. He was involved in a reverse sting operation targeting port workers. He along with two other Longshoreman were hired to off load a shipment of cocaine from a container vessel. There were NO ACTUAL DRUGS involved in the case as this was a dry conspiracy. They were all held accountable individually for the ghost shipment. No one was given a leadership role. Ultimately my father was sentenced to 322 months (26 Years and 10 months) and his co-defendants each received 36 months and 37 months respectively.

My father has accepted full responsibility for his actions and used this experience to better his life and the lives of others. Since being incarcerated he has been a model inmate who mentors young men. While at Coleman Medium he was a skills mentor tasked with working with guys who suffered with mental health issues. He tutored guys and helped them obtain their GED. He was a suicide companion who was tasked with monitoring guys who attempted suicide. He was a clerk in the Psychology Department for four years. He’s been active in the church and involved in numerous faith-based groups and programs since his incarceration. Dr. Cox Pastor/Chaplin at Coleman Medium stated this about my father, in reference to a leader class he took. “Mr. Cauley, you wrote an excellent and outstanding essay and vision God has placed in your life as a leader once you return to society. This vision will change the lives of our children through your leadership.” He has completed many classes and obtained many certificates. He’s held positions in prison on some of the most trusted work details.  He worked for the Warden’s Office, Captain’s Office, Lieutenant's Office, Psychology Department, Warehouse, Mail Room, Visiting Room and Human resources.  He also has the support of all the Executive Staff at FPC-MIAMI.

My Dad’s desire upon release is to assist the community with the needs of ex-offenders to help reduce recidivism. He also wants to speak at Middle School, High School and College’s to our youth. He also plans to speak and educate his fellow union brothers about how easy it is to get caught up. With his testimony, he will change countless lives effectuate a major change.

I recently wrote an essay for my advanced placement language class arguing in favor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I argued why although Dr. King was an adultery and has been proven guilty of plagiarizing parts of his dissertation to obtain his Doctorate Degree, he is still an American Hero. And in this essay, I wrote that despite his shortcomings, his wrongdoings do not rise above his achievements as a minister and activist. I’m here willing to go the same length for my father because I know what good of a man he is. Despite his actions, he deserves to be with his family once again. My father deserves a second chance at life and even under the circumstances as such, he can still smile through it all. There’s nothing like the love of a father, the touch of a father and the presence of a father. Obtaining anything on earth would not surpass the joy it would bring to my soul if my father were to see me walk across the stage for graduation. So, I ask of you, President Trump, that you would do everything in your power to see fit that I see my father as a free man. Please Grant Dwelly Cauley’s Clemency Petition.

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