Exempt international students from all countries in U​.​S travel ban.

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 I will say, first and foremost, that I agree, and support some travel restrictions. It is a necessary means of diminishing the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure the safety of individuals all around the globe. With that being said, I would like to propose some changes to these current travel restrictions, that I have done research about and looked into profusely over the last month. I believe these changes can still protect the American people from contamination, but also alleviate the stress caused by these restrictions. 

Firstly, I believe that restricting international students’ entry into the United States is unfair. For example. On July 21st, essential travelers from Mexico and Canada will be able to enter the U.S. Those essential travelers include “individuals who are seeking educational institutions”. While these restrictions still prevent tourism and unnecessary travel, it allows those who are entering the US for reasons that benefit U.S. institutions, economy and students. So, given that there is a consensus that Education is part of the ‘essential travel’ group, why not add F-1 visas to the exemptions of the travel restrictions to countries all around the globe?

After doing extensive research, I have found that international students contributed around $45 Billion to the US economy in 2018 alone (iie.org). If the travel ban stays in place and prohibits those students from entering the US, there is no question that millions of students would not continue their studies abroad, leading to a detrimental amount of money being lost in the US. 

In order to prevent this from happening, I am suggesting that the US reconsider the measures than can be taken to diminish the spread of COVID-19, while also enabling these essential institutions to keep open. One, is that the travel ban adds F-1 Students to the list of visas that the restrictions do not impact. Secondly, when entering the US, I suggest the US require a recent COVID-19 infection test to assure that those individuals who are entering the country do not have COVID-19, and therefore, won’t spread the disease. 

Students are depending on the US to complete their studies, and shape their future. Please consider those students left desperate due to travel restrictions. 

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