Designate Transportation Industry An Essential Service Eligible for Government Assistance

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Sign our petition to designate the transportation industry an essential service under the new stimulus package.  The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the public auto industry.

Taxicab, Limo & Paratransit companies have been paralyzed with the shut-down of airports, hotels, medical appointments, schools, social events, and every other kind of activity imaginable to keep America moving. 

Doctors, nurses and other essential personnel without their own personal vehicles rely on this industry to get them where they need to go.  Without this income, our professional drivers can't pay mandatory insurance, maintenance, gas and other essential bills crucial to operation. 

We are asking states and the federal government to designate the transportation industry an essential service eligible for government assistance. This has been done for the airlines and needs to be done for passenger ground transportation companies such as taxicabs, limousines and non-emergency medical transport companies. 

Two federal stimulus packages already passed, neither of which directly assists with the public auto industries bottom line. The third stimulus package now being drafted could be our best shot. We need your help TODAY.

Time is of the essence—we must not delay. As you read this, conversations are taking place on how to stimulate the economy through a new $1 Trillion federal stimulus package.  Please sign our petition NOW to get the transportation industry in front of our state and federal decision makers! YOU can make a difference.