Dear Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States:

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Dear Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and United States

With all due respect, the time for the pounding of podiums is over. 309,000,000 Iranians and Americans are tired of the histrionics between Tehran and Washington DC.

Huffington Post (1/7/2017) - 85 percent of Iranians desire better relations with the west/US. That comes to 68,000,000 Iranians. The Koch Freedom Institute (10/27/16) - 75 percent of Americans prefer diplomacy. That comes to 241,000,000 Americans. Combined that is 309,000,000 people that want “right doing”. One further statistic of note is 266,000,000 Iranian and Americans are under 40 years of age and we have a future that will extend far beyond the lifespan of you, our current leadership.

To put it simply, we outnumber all the pro-conflict political action committees that pump money into your reelection campaigns and all the pro-conflict hardliners that hold office in Washington DC and Tehran by, let us just say, A REALLY REALLY BIG NUMBER.

Our request is simple. We want you to meet in Rumi’s field. For starters, we are asking you to do exactly what China and the United States did 44 years ago. They met in that field and wrote all the “wrongdoings” and “right doings” on a piece of paper. Here is a link to the document to help you get started ( We desire the same success from you that came from that other field 44 years ago and will accept nothing less.
We, the signatories to this petition, want a future of "right doing". 309,000,000 citizens of Iran and the United States want a new path for the generations to come.