Executive Clemency Requested for 25 Deserving Women

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Executive Clemency Requested for 25 Deserving Women

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The CAN-DO Foundation is proud to have shared the faces, names and stories of many women seeking justice though clemency.  The "Top 25 Women" are extraordinary examples of people who received draconian sentences due to legislation passed in the the late 80s and 90s that caused minor participants in a "conspiracy" case to receive mandatory sentences of 10 years to LIFE without parole.  These women are equally culpable for the actions of an entire network of co-consirators so their sentences are based on the amount of drugs that others in the conspiracy manufactured, sold, or imported.  Most of these women are FIRST OFFENDERS who have served no less than 10 years and as much as 24 years.

More years in prison does not serve the best interest of our society, or the tax payer.  All these women have applied themselves while incarcerated and achieved extraordinary things, despite their situation, such as earning a college degree, completing drug rehab programs, working full time at "Prison Industries" or "UNICOR," and mentoring other prisoners.  The CAN-DO Foundation engages in exhaustive research to identify cases that deserve relief from unjustly long prison sentences that do not fit the crime.  The following Top 25 are either pending or seeking a reconsideration:

       1. Alice Marie Johnson - 1st offense - served 20 yrs on LIFE
       2. Michelle West - 1st offense - served 23 yrs on LIFE
       3. Deneise Quintanilla - served 16 yrs on LIFE
       4. Roberta Bell - 1st offense - served 22 yrs on LIFE
       5. Lori Kavitz - 1st offense - served 15 yrs o 24 yr sentence
       6. Lavonne Roach - 1st offense - served 19 yrs on 30 yr sent.
       7. Terry Anderson - served 20 yrs on 30 yr sentence
       8. Eva Palma-Atencio - 1st offense - served 13 yrs on LIFE
       9. Patricia Clarke - 1st offense - served 24 yrs on LIFE
     11.  Rose Summers - 1st offense - served 18 yrs on 24 yr sent 
     12. Melissa Trigg  - 1st offense - served 10 yrs on 15 yr sent.
     13. Tynice Hall - 1 prior - served 10 yrs on 28 yr sentence
     14. Crystal Munoz - misd. - served 10 yrs on 20 yr sent.
     15. Holly Dawn Moore - 1st offense - 11 yrs on 16 yr sent.
     16. Beth Rushing - 1st offense - served 15 yrs on 24 yr sent.
     17. Nancy Ferneau - served 13 yrs on 25 yr sent
     18. Elisa Castillo - 1st offense - served almost 9 yrs on LIFE
     19. Chalana McFarland - 1st offense - served 13 on 30 yr
     20. Patricia Cooney - 1st offense - 17 yrs on 36 yr sent. 
     21. Chalana McFarland - 1st offense - 11 yrs on 30 yr sent.
     22. Lenora Logan - 17 yrs on 30 yr sent
     23. Tanesha Bannister - 14 yrs on 23 yr sent. 
     24. Angela Wright - 10 yrs on 30 yr sentence 
     25. Debbie Singleton - 11 yr on 24 yr sentence 

More cases can be found on the CAN-DO Foundation Website including a Top 25 that reflects additional names and a different order such as Lashona Hall, a first offender who has served 8 years on a 45 year sentence, Clarissa Burgoon, and more. 

22 clemency recipients who were on the top 25 women!    
Pauline Blake
Ramona Brant 

Tammie Francis 

Teresa Griffin 

Cheryl Howard
Angie Jenkins
Sharanda Jones 

Charceil Kellam
Josephine Ledesma 

Mandy Martinson

Donna McDaniel

Schearean Means
Danielle Metz 

Michelle Miles
Carol Richardson
Barbara Scrivner
Cynthia Shank
Robin Shoulders 

Alicia Siller

Stacia Smith
Minnie Pearl Thomas

Gracie Walker

Please help reunite these women with their families!
Together we CAN-DO this! 





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This petition had 23,540 supporters

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