Protes Trump trade tariffs

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Everbody loves “fair”.  However, Trumps recent trade tariffs are likely to be neither fair or prudent.  He claims this will protect US industry in decline.  There are many examples to contradict this.  Manchester U.K. became very wealthy from the global industrial revolution which it created but depressed following a crash in demand for textiles from local factories.  It’s response? - evolve: Play to its strengths - education, science, technology, innovation.  Now it is once again successful and vibrant cosmopolitan city.  Hankering after a fading past could prove to be a reckless strategy.  Life moves forwards, never backwards.  In “backwards”, life stagnates.  

Secondly, pampering to nationalist mood is unlikely to add value to the economy - nationally or globally.  Trade is founded on inate human behaviour.  The positive aspects of society are built on love and trade, not war, and always have been.  Trade between countries brings cultures and people together - it is not a modern idea - take the Silk Road as an example.  Instead, uplifting the economy could entail a major transformation in education and trade policy.  Let’s stop blaming the results of regional and national government ineptitude on progress, globalisation, expertise, freedom of movement and liberalism.  Let’s call it out for what it is: ineptitude.

Globalisation has become a dirty word.  Why? Perhaps it is a convenient scapegoat.  In reality it has been a great social leveller.  Poverty is reducing, education is proliferating.  Who really is to blame if people dont know that?

In 2016/17 the US accounted for 19% of the value of UK exports, second to the EU as a whole, which bought 44% of UK  exports.  At the same time, 11% of the value of our imports came from the US, compared to 53% from the rest of the EU.  In its freedom to respond, the U.K. Government has therefore boxed itself into a corner with Brexit - perhaps they will say the U.K. public boxed themselves into a corner.  Do we want to stay in that corner or move out?  Do any of us want to stay in a corner or move on?

History has proven that US trade tariffs end badly both for the US and the world in general;  

“Tariffs could batter the U.S. economy, embolden Canadian nationalists and enrich China” Bloomberg

You are invited to sign this petition and boycott US products to protest the Trump tariffs and send a strong signal to end unilateral dogging of the economy.