Make emotional abuse just as illegal as physical abuse

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Domestic abuse comes in various forms.  The most obvious and provable is actual physical violence.  You are left with physical evidence, however all other forms of abuse can be more damaging.  Victims of abuse are made to appear as crazy by their abusers.  Their "soul" and self worth are damaged to the core.    They are victimized over and over again by their abuser and then the system.  There isn't enough education and awareness about people who emotionally abuse their "loved" ones. 

Relationships do not start emotionally abusive, or at least they very rarely do. If they did, then people would not stay. They become emotionally abusive after a time, once you are hooked it will begin and often this emotional abuse starts slowly at first. With a sociopath you might not realize you are being abused, until you are dealing with the carnage of your life after the relationship has ended.

Emotional abuse can cover a wide spectrum of behaviors that are designed deliberately to control, violate, manipulate, or invade your own personal space. Emotional abuse undercuts a person’s foundational self-confidence and love of self and replaces them with confusion about self-worth, value, justice, mercy, and love.

Children who grow up under such tyranny can grow up to be the same.  If they grow up at all.  Many commit suicide because they are made to feel worthless.

This is not an exhaustive list, and I am sure that you could add to this list, but some examples of emotional abuse are:


Lying either about you – or to you
Stealing – any form of theft, be it theft of personal property, theft of friends, theft of your life (we all know that sociopaths can go for the whole lot)
Financial abuse – either taking money without your permission, or manipulating you so that you spend your money, and pay for them. Often lying to you, or creating a false persona to do so.
Minimizing things that are important to you, your friends, family, career, your hobbies, interests, dreams
Name calling
Playing psychological mind games (a good example of this, where a sociopath is concerned, is accusing you of things that they are guilty of doing themselves).
Shouting, ranting, yelling, talking over you, not allowing you a voice, or to be heard.
Withholding finances, accommodation, clothing, preventing you from going to work, or calling you excessively at work
Violating your personal space
Making ‘jokes’ about your person, and telling you that you are being ‘sensitive’ if you feel upset about this
Mocking you, and who are you

The U.K. has seen the importance of making this type of abuse against the law and punishable by prison time.

"New domestic violence law will outlaw coercive control
Theresa May expected to unveil plans to put psychological and emotional abuse on a par with domestic violence.  Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is expected to announce new powers allowing the police to prosecute those who are guilty of psychological and emotional abuse.
It means for the first time men who control their partners through threats or by restricting their personal or financial freedom, could face prison in the same way as those who are violent towards them.
Campaigners have long called for a change in the law to put psychological exploitation on a par with physical violence, in the hope it will encourage more victims to come forward and report abuse in the home."


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