REMOVE Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta

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Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a known trafficker who is now facing new and serious charges in New York, including findings of nude photos of underage girls in his New York residence. The charges are similar to those he faced in Florida years ago. Epstein was let off with an incredibly light and inappropriate sentence in Florida during his sentencing in 2008. Alex Acosta was the man who helped Jeffrey Epstein secure a plea deal at that time, and Alex Acosta is now responsible, as Secretary of Labor, for monitoring human trafficking in the U.S.

In February, a federal judge ruled that Acosta and the rest of the Florida prosecutors did indeed break the law and violated the Crime Victims Rights Act when they arranged a plea deal for Epstein. U.S. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is unfit to serve in his position because of his past history in allowing a trafficker's plea for just a small slap on the hand, and his lack of protection and compensation for the underage victims. Because of this lack of action on Acosta's part, Epstein has now been free to traffic victims for another 10 years. This is unacceptable. Alex Acosta must be held accountable, and removed as Secretary of Labor. We care about the underage victims who have gone without justice. We care about our children and teens. We must put traffickers behind bars and eradicate those who allow them to continue their evil crimes.