Petition to Congress to Give ALL Veterans a Card Like a Medicare Card.

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This petition stands to help every vet not just me, I am just an example of how the VA and Choice does NOT work and why we need a REAL solution, not unfunded laws passed that cannot be made to work. I hear from thousands and thousands of veterans who want a card similar to a Medicare card that is COMPLEATLY INDEPENDENT of the VA in its use, unlike the Choice Program card which is still controlled by the VA. The VA sent me outside (Triwest)  to have a kidney stone removed (it is beneath them to do that surgery, or they are too busy) and it took over a month for me to get, the required by the VA to have it done BY the VA, a simple X-Ray of my abdomen done, the VA refused to send me outside for that. So the Choice Program, which is in danger of running out of money, still makes the Vet take months to get a simple surgery like a kidney stone removed done. It is the same old story, make the vet wait and suffer and hope he goes away and dies before our government has to pay any money to help us.

Remember this and tell it to every non vet you see: Ask them a question? Do they speak German or Japanese or Korean or Vietnamese or as of late Arabic or does any member of their family? Well the ONLY reason for that they do not have to ( or live under Sharia Law) is because a vet picked up a gun and went to the other side of the world and KILLED the enemies of our country that at the time spoke and does now speak those languages. Preventing people that speak those languages from trying to force their way of life and their totalitarian government or religion on all Americans and try to destroy our way of life.  

Please sign this petition if you ARE actually a patriot for your country, AMERICA and honor those of us that have paid with our lives or those that came back that suffer today and cannot get decent care in a timely fashion as vets. I just want the same level of care many Americans have that have health insurance, which I cannot afford due to my service connected disability's that the VA WILL NOT compensate me for and therefore I cannot work because of my 24 different diagnosed medical diseases.

At this rate I will just have to keep suffering and die in poverty.

As far as I am concerned, any American that reads this and does not sign it, is  both a coward and a traitor to all of those who have "Borne the Battle". Are you a coward and a traitor? If not then STEP UP and sign the petition and get our government to institute REAL changes for the vets who have risked all so you and your family can walk around in  FREE America. Remember Freedom is not free, we paid for it with our lives, blood, limbs and body parts and our minds

Larry Francis, PhD student, MPA, BAIS

Former US Navy Nike Radar System Operator/Tech 72-76

P.S. I will send this to every member of the VA subcommittees in both the House and the Senate when the signature count gets to 2000. I have all of their fax numbers.  

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