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President Trump-Adoptive Families Need A Mental Healthcare Fund!

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Many adoptive parents are struggling with their adoptive children's behaviors which are a direct result of early childhood trauma, neglect and abuse suffered by their adoptive children. They are unable to afford the mental health therapies and residential treatment centers that many of their children need in order to have a chance to heal . Mental health services for post adoptive families are sorely lacking. The result is that these children end up being placed into foster care, with respite families or adopted by a new family because their adoptive parents, particularly the mother, are simply burnt out and unable to continue parenting them.

These children suffer from "Reactive Attachment Disorder" which causes them to push their parents away, lie, steal, and triangulate relationships. They suffer from severe tantrums which can last for hours. They have trouble making friends and keeping them. They usually have trouble in school, and can end up in trouble with the law and are sometimes incarcerated. They become great manipulators and can fool traditional therapists who don't understand RAD.

Many of these adoptive parents end up developing PTSD.(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Much like a war veteran, they live in a war zone with constant emotional upheaval, they are constantly on high alert. Some live with video cameras in their homes in order to keep their children safe.  Unfortunately, some end up dissolving the adoption to the state or to a new adoptive family via private adoption. As we know, our foster care system is already overloaded and this is not the outcome adoptive families want. The love their children and want to preserve their family unit.  

The children need RAD trained therapists. These therapists are trained specifically in Reactive Attachment Disorder and understand the manipulation and triangulation these children can perpetrate on adults, therefore, they do not shame the families as other therapists may do. They are aware that it is the child who has attachment challenges and it is not the result of bad parenting. These therapists are expensive and RAD residential treatment centers are not affordable for the average family. Not only do parents suffer, other siblings suffer as well. Sometimes they are bullied by the adoptive child, sometimes sexual abuse is perpetrated on siblings by the adoptive child. Usually this is due to the adoptive children having suffered sexual abuse in an orphanage setting or while in foster care prior to their adoption . For many parents, this information is not disclosed prior to the adoption.

Families are in great distress, with nowhere to go for help. The system they adopted from has failed to help them or provide them with the mental health services their children need. These families consist of those who have adopted through private adoption, foster adoption and international adoption. Some are biological grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. The end result of the lack of affordable mental health care for children with RAD is that more adoptions will fail and more children will end up back in a system that has failed them and their adoptive families. If a fund can be put into place for these families, we can increase the likelihood that the child's placement in his or her adoptive family will be successful.            

The families who have been called to help the orphan, desperately need your help President Elect Trump! We are humbly asking that you would consider donating a portion of your presidential salary, which you are forfeiting, to a fund that would be created to help desperate adoptive families be able to provide the mental health care, residential care, and respite care that they and their children so desperately need. There are masses of desperate adoptive mothers calling out for help. Will you hear our cry and answer our call? In addition, our hope is that you will consider the overwhelming need for mental healthcare reform in this country. Not only for adoptive children, but for everyone who has someone they love who is affected by mental illness.


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