60 MILLION Americans Are Victimized by Mortgage FRAUD and FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES

60 MILLION Americans Are Victimized by Mortgage FRAUD and FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES

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Ronald Lazar started this petition to president Trump and

Thank you for signing this vitally important petition. THIS IS the ONLY petition that will save EVERYONE from fraudulent foreclosures.

County Clerks have NO TRAINING, NO LICENSE! AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!  COUNTY CLERKS are being BRIBED, according to the FBI.  County Clerks can destroy your life, cause you to lose your home, and yet, NOBODY is holding them accountable.

WHY is this a reasonable and effective solution? Because, every aspect of safeguarding your property must be done by licensed, trained people - electricians, real estate brokers, plumbers, etc., you cannot get property insurance unless the work on your home is done by a licensed professional. Yet, County Clerks who wield immense power to record documents that affect your property title - the single most valuable asset in most of our lives - these people are recording millions of fraudulent documents and causing innocent people to be made victims of fraud - millions of people have lost their homes to fraudulent foreclosures. 

In Oregon, where I live, for example, there is a law (ORS 93.030) that requires the County Clerk to "VERIFY documents that affect property title and seek to be shown PROOF of consideration paid for" before recording. Sounds great, doesn't it?  BUT THE COOS COUNTY CLERK REFUSES, "What do you want me to do?" Debbie Heller whines, "Look at EVERY piece of paper?"  Shocking, isn't it?  The Oregon Secretary of State's Office said that Little Debbie is "stupid and lazy."  

That answer is unacceptable. NOBODY in government is protecting US! I have tried to get help from the Oregon DOJ, Cheryl Heimstra, investigated and found FRAUD upon the DOJ and upon myself, yet her office says, "We don't care, and we won't take any action."  Let me explain, back when all the Attorney Generals took a BILLION DOLLARS each from the Big Banks in a "settlement" - IT WAS PAYOLA! so the AGs would not prosecute the banks!  The DOJ in every state is on the side of the corrupt and criminal thieves that call themselves banks. 

If you want to really do something that will make a huge difference, then sign this petition to REQUIRE ALL COUNTY CLERKS IN AMERICA to pass a course in forensic loan auditing and hold a license, otherwise, they are not fit to hold their jobs.  The corruption of the County Clerks is well known to the FBI and the DOJ. In every state in our country, corruption is rampant. 

The Financial Services Committee are in charge of our property titles, yet they have NO IDEA how to tell if a document is fraudulent. The Big Banks exploit this weakness in the system. The FBI, the DOJ, and every law enforcement agency knows this, but refuse to take any action. 

LET'S CHANGE THAT! REQUIRE ALL COUNTY CLERKS TO BE TRAINED AND CERTIFIED FORENSIC LOAN AUDITORS, so they will be able to determine whether a document -that could start a foreclosure! - is actually legit.  If County Clerks are LICENSED FORENSIC LOAN AUDITORS and foreclosure documents are verified by TWO other independent licensed auditors Goliath banks off at the ankles - which are the county clerks. 


Require ALL county clerks in every state to be licensed Certified Trained Forensic Loan Auditors. Call them CTA (Certified Trained forensic Auditors).

The reason is the same as why we require electricians, doctors, real estate brokers, etc., to be trained and certified. YET, currently, a County Clerk needs NO certification on how to verify documents affecting property title. In Oregon law ORS 93.030 the Clerk is mandated to verify documents or reject them - BUT Clerks have NO training, currently. Whether a County Clerk is elected or appointed, they MUST have properly trained and licensed. For example, the Oregon Coos County Clerk, Debbie Heller, boldly, brazenly, defiantly declared, "I'm NOT going to VERIFY documents! What do you want me to do? LOOK at EVERY piece of PAPER??!!"  This must stop. Clerks who are bribed by banks to record fraud must be punished under the laws that require Clerks to verify documents that affect property title. But if they are not TRAINED to verify, they are open for the banks' bribes and/or - as Doris, the Deputy Secretary of State in Oregon says, "Debbie Heller is just stupid and lazy."  This unacceptable and dangerous status quo of having UN-trained people in charge of our county records MUST CHANGE to a trained and CERTIFIED forensic loan auditor.  The Clerk must be RE-certified and RE-trained every time the real estate laws change. 


Require TWO independent CTAs to verify the same documents, doing forensic audits of their own. ONLY if ALL THREE audits are able to determine the documents are authentic and the chain of title is legitimately leading to the party asking to record for foreclosure may the documents be recorded. Otherwise, these documents must be rejected AND investigated by the FBI and the Federal DOJ. The party seeking foreclosure MUST have standing, holding both the Note and the Deed.


Currently, Chase and all banks record documents electronically. The banks' software is sold to over half the county clerks in the country. This is an open door for fraud. SO - WE STOP ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION and RECORDING of documents to foreclose. Period. ALL foreclosure-related documents must be hand-delivered in FOUR IDENTICAL COPIES. One for the CTA Clerk, TWO for the two independent CTAs, and the last set go into a sealed, notarized package to the property owner.

This process is essential to eliminating the fraud created by MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) which the federal courts have already ruled is only to be used as a "Portal" for transferring documents, not as an entity with "standing" to foreclose, as has been done.


Now, we must get to work - insist ENFORCEMENT of CURRENT law governing County Clerks.  ASK YOUR State Police, DOJ, local police, D.A., County Counsels, County Commissioners - ASK THEM ALL, WHO ENFORCES YOUR STATE LAWS THAT GOVERN THE COUNTY CLERKS? 

The power to succeed in this mission begins with the co-operation of law enforcement of current law. Clerks must be charged, prosecuted, fined and FIRED if found to knowingly record fraud. 

JPMORGAN CHASE admits under oath in multiple courts that it NEVER acquired ANY loans from Washington Mutual!  This means that CHASE is STEALING MILLIONS OF HOMES. How did they do this? By recording fraudulent documents. 

JPM CHASE was found guilty and paid tens of billions in fines for committing FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES by committing MORE FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES!! TRUE! reported by Reuters in 2017. 

Ronald Lazar’s case is an excellent example. He is a 65-year-old disabled homeowner who has held clear title to his home for seven years.

In 2012 CHASE tried to steal his home  TWICE! CHASE could not name a lender!  THERE IS NO LENDER. In ten years no lender has come forward. Why? Because nobody but Ron owns his home.

Ron successfully forced CHASE to cancel those two fraudulent foreclosures in 2012, by demanding Chase identify the lender, and in nine years Chase has not done that. In September 2012, it appeared Chase gave up and recorded a “Rescission of the (fraudulent) Notice of Default.”  Three attorneys said he had clear title since there was no lender nor any default. 

 Ron sued Chase in federal court. The judge ruled in June 2013 that JPM CHASE committed FRAUD in “a scheme to acquire ill-gotten gains.”

Now, you might think that was the end of the story, but Chase has come back for a third time! ANOTHER FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE must be stopped AGAIN. 

CHASE is still trying to STEAL Ron’s home, and attacking him with a THIRD FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE!

CHASE has been torturing Ron relentlessly like this for TEN YEARS! CHASE extorted over $10,000 from Ron, before he learned CHASE WAS COMMITTING FRAUD. Chase has not returned the money - no - instead is out to impoverish and make homeless this wonderful, creative man who is intrepid in his pursuit for justice. 

Ron is on Soc. Sec. and going broke with legal costs, but he is an intrepid warrior, and will not give up! Ron’s home means everything to him. It is his hard-earned refuge. He is fighting to keep the home he owns from being stolen, so he can be left in peace, free from the fraudulent attacks on his property. 

Ron has decided to FIGHT! AGAIN! For the second time Ron has filed a lawsuit in Oregon federal court against JPMORGAN CHASE, the FDIC, FANNIE MAE, and CLEAR RECON CORP for FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE seeking quiet title. 

Ron is David and these bankster criminals are Goliaths with armies of lawyers and unlimited cash. Ron has spent his nest egg - over $30,000 - to go back to federal court to save his home. Ron is a proven winner. But he needs your help to continue his fight and win.

Ron wants to achieve a ruling of quiet title for ALL 60 MILLION HOMEOWNERS who are victims of MORTGAGE FRAUD.  This huge number of victims was revealed in July 2019 at the congressional Financial Services hearings. JPMORGAN CHASE’s CRIMEWAVE IS THE GREATEST THEFT OF PRIVATE PROPERTY IN AMERICA’S HISTORY.

According to the DOJ, FBI, and JPM CHASE’s OWN ADMISSION IN numerous COURTS, has fraudulently foreclosed on millions of homeowners and bribed tens of thousands of public officials. But Chase won’t stop just because they lose in court! No! Chase won’t stop stealing Americans’ homes until they are dissolved and Jamie Dimon, Chase CEO, and his criminal employees are put where they belong- in prison. 

Why didn’t our previous Attorney General, Eric Holder, put the criminals in prison? Because for years, Eric was already Chase’s own attorney! What a SCAM! 

CORRUPTION by CHASE is an infection of the DOJ, all the way down to your police chief, D.A. and county clerk. In Oregon, the Coos County Clerk openly REFUSES to follow the law that requires her to “VERIFY DOCUMENTS THAT AFFECT PROPERTY TITLE.”  

Yes - it’s that bad.  This is HOW the banks do it: They bribe the clerk to record all their fraudulent documents. It’s that simple. Then when they sell your home at the FAKE foreclosure sale - cash only - everybody in the local government gets paid off! - they are like hyenas or vultures feeding on your home they just stole from you. Now you see - they all get “rewarded” for helping Chase steal your home. My previous Ninth Circuit federal judge Yvonne Gonzalez- Rogers called this “a scheme to acquire ill-gotten-gains. “Sickening!! 

Chase whistleblower, Atty. Alayne Fleischmann, quit working at Chase because “ It was like watching an old lady getting mugged in the street.” Look up Alayne Fleischmann on YouTube. Also, read "License to Lie" by Sidney Powell. 

The corrupt Oregon DOJ stated to Ron that they KNOW Chase is committing FRAUD, but “We don’t care. We aren’t going to take any action to stop Chase from fraudulently foreclosing on your home.” They allowed Chase to record the same fraudulent DOJ document TO FRAUDULENTLY FORECLOSE on Ron for the third time. There is a sale date set for August 29, 2019, SO YOUR HELP IS NEEDED URGENTLY! 

SIGN THE PETITION. Demand Chase’s scheme is immediately stopped by signing this petition and phone the White House. 

When Ron heard the DOJ hang up on him, he turned his righteous anger into a legal battle plan. SUE CHASE IN FEDERAL COURT AGAIN.

HELP RON and doing so will help everyone caught in Chase’s fraudulent foreclosure trap.  BY HELPING RON BEAT CHASE, YOU CAN CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR THE BETTER! Ron will fight this battle on behalf of all like affected property owners. 

If you help Ron win his federal lawsuit,  you are doing the greatest thing to stopping CHASE from irreparably harming millions of people.

Please, sign this petition now and donate generously to cover Ron’s legal costs in his epic battle against an out-of-control criminal racket called JPMORGAN CHASE. Now is the deciding moment. Donate at GoFundMe and Facebook. 

Please, donate to help Ron pay legal costs and let’s win, and thereby help fight for the millions of people being financially, mentally and emotionally tortured by Chase Bank to keep their homes. 

Ron’s past achievements include creating a safe way for neighborhoods to get rid of gangs in Los Angeles. He started by clearing out the gang from his Grandmother’s neighborhood, which resulted in clearing gangs out of Over 350 Los Angeles neighborhoods!

Millions of people benefited because Ron stood up in one neighborhood to these heinous criminals (without firing a single shot.)  Using Ron’s simple handbook that Ron created in 1991, for the LAPD, over 350 neighborhoods were able to get rid of gangs, according to the LA City Attorney’s Gang Unit.

SO, WHEN RON WINS, WE ALL WIN! He will do it again! 

Ron beat the vicious gangsters! Now with your help, WE ALL will beat the ruthless, devious liars and crooks at JPMORGAN CHASE - banksters! 

When RON wins this battle against the psychopaths at JPMORGAN CHASE to save his home, he will fight to have his win apply to EVERYONE who is being victimized by JPMORGAN CHASE. THERE WILL BE NO MORE stealing of homes from millions of Americans. Ron gives you his word. He will win and your financial contribution to his legal battle will be well spent - millions of times over to save millions of Americans from this criminal taking of your property. 

 God bless you for your help. Any amount is welcome and much needed. Donate at GoFundMe. Click the link below. 


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