Reinstate Coach Barreau as Head cross country coach at CNU

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Tambra Mcgaw
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Matthew Barreau, the Head Coach of the Cross Country/Distance Team for Christopher Newport University (CNU) was unexpectedly and unfairly dismissed on Friday, June 9th, by the Athletic Department of CNU.  The basis for Coach Barreau's dismissal appears to be based on false and groundless accusations.

The dismissal also demonstrates the lack of any consideration given to the impact and consequences that Coach Barreau's dismissal would have on current and future student athletes and their parents. This is inconsistent with CNU's first Core Value which states that CNU will always put students first.  Student athlete and parent petitioners are acutely aware of this lack of consideration.

Despite CNU's declaration of the value placed on treating all people with dignity and respect, Coach Barreau was not so treated.  Although CNU is stated as being different from many other schools because CNU cares about minds and hearts and although character, honor and integrity are stated as being determinative of who we are and as shaping our ability to live meaningful and consequential lives, Coach Barreau's dismissal works as a contradiction to these statements.  Student athletes and their parents are in a conundrum as to what to do as a result of this apparent contradiction.

Coach Barreau is an exceptional individual who has demonstrated time and time again his tireless commitment and loyalty to CNU and its students and who has adhered strictly to a code of responsibility and accountability.  The success of CNU's Cross Country/Distance Team would not have been possible without him. The future viability and success of CNU's Cross Country/Distance Team is dependent on the immediate reinstatement of Matthew Barreau.

Please sign this Petition in support of Coach Barreau's immediate reinstatement.