The University of Alabama - Cancel In-Person Classes & Mandate COVID Testing

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After winning the National Championship on Monday evening, a crowd of UA students and Bama supporters crowded the Strip in celebration. People in the crowd were not seen wearing masks or social distancing, dramatically increasing the risk and spread of COVID in Tuscaloosa. In-person classes are scheduled to begin at the University of Alabama on Wednesday, Jan. 13th. We call on President Stuart Bell to cancel or transition these classes to a virtual format for the first two weeks to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Tuscaloosa and ease the anticipated strain on Tuscaloosa medical facilities. In addition, all UA students should be tested again for COVID. Continuing on with in-person classes as planned in light of these reckless actions Monday night will put the Tuscaloosa community at even greater risk.

Results of this petition will be emailed to President Bell and his administrative staff.