Stop Corporate Welfare, Invest in the People!

Stop Corporate Welfare, Invest in the People!

July 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

The Democrats and Republicans used the pandemic and economic depression to hand Wall Street trillions of dollars in corporate bailouts. Meanwhile working people have been left struggling to afford basic needs like food and housing. Now that Big Business has raided the Treasury and the Fed, Washington is saying that this next stimulus bill in late July will be the last.

This petition will be delivered to the President, the Governor, and to members of Congress.
We demand:
1. Defund police and divert funds back to schools, community, and social services
2. Medicare for all 
3. Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all 
4. Cover payroll to protect small business jobs 
5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments 
6. Suspend student and credit card loan payments  
7. Suspend all fossil fuel projects immediately

Our government’s heartless and immoral response to the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the country. The U.S. has more cases and deaths than any other nation on Earth.

Join me in trying to bring attention to these issues!

Human need is greater than Human Greed!

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Signatures: 44Next Goal: 50
Support now