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Dear Mr. President,
My name is Rebecca and I am 11 years old, you have a dog so you would kinda know. First starting off you are probably going to throw this letter away once you see thats it from a 11 year old girl but no this is really important and keep on reading on.
I think we should end animal testing also puppy mills animal cruelty ect. but first I wanted to start off with animal testing. I know you are a very, very, busy man but you HAVE TO DO THIS first this is my story:
I was about 8-9 years old when I kinda knew about puppy mills but I didn't know they were that bad. I was 10, I got a folder and kept all my written down speeches in there for puppy mills.
It was about a month ago when I knew how bad animal testing was.
I was furious at all the scientists who were terrorizing all the kinds of animals that were in there. I am only 11 so I didn't know what to do I wanted to set up even a scheme to go in a store and look at all the products then if I see a animal tested one I would start crying( I know its pretty stupid but thats how mad I was) I looked at all the pictures of animal testing I saw a dog that had it's stomach ripped up...You have a dog would you want your dog to be like that.
I made a quote up my self its: If you suffer one you may suffer... it means if you don't have any right to animal test or anything like that animals have feeling, so if we terrorize them that means they have every right to terrorize us... I think I have wrote enough please please do something all the little animals that are suffering are counting on you...

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