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Stop the Centre for Bioethical Reform from Spreading Hate-Speech at UBC!

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The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is a movable anti-choice display produced and managed by a privately funded United States organization, the Centre for Bioethical Reform. The display includes pictures they argue are of aborted fetuses, or represent what an aborted fetus would look like, juxtaposed next to pictures of victims of genocide. These displays attempt to compare the victims of atrocious genocides, such as the Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Cambodian Genocide, among others, to abortions.

This hate-speech at UBC needs to end! Since 1999, the GAP, by invitation from the anti-choice student group and AMS club, UBC Lifeline, has been setting up their hate-speech display in the middle of high-traffic areas at UBC. With little to no trigger warning signs to caution students of their horrific display, they are subjecting UBC students to their triggering and graphic display. Every year since they established their presence at UBC, they have been met with outrage and anger from UBC students, faculty, and staff.

The way that the GAP attempts to draw comparisons on these separate topics trivializes genocidal violence and undermines the suffering of victims and survivors of genocides. The GAP display is also discriminatory and incites contempt towards women. If the GAP is attempting to compare abortions to genocides, then they are associating genocide perpetrators with women, the "perpetrators" of abortion.

Having a triggering display like the GAP on campus is troubling. It is important for all of us to have a campus where everyone feels safe in public spaces, and where one’s heritage or personal choice is not under attack, and a display like the GAP does not provide that safety.

The GAP’s display is the definition of hate-speech, is toxic, and does not belong on UBC campus. We, the students, faculty, and staff of UBC, urge you to stop allowing a privately funded organization to continue displaying their hate-speech in high-traffic, public areas of UBC.

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