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President Sri Lanka ( Mahinda Rajapaksa ): Please free the Elephant tied up in the Gangarama Temple

Elephants are social, intelligent animals who are used to walking many hours during day and night in groups. The elephant is kept in the temple as an object to attract visitors. The elephant in Gangaramaya Temple is kept alone and has chained to poles and it has a very limited movement (see the picture) .A temple does not simply has the resources to accommodate an elephant . Keeping it in captivity could cause boredom and stress, When I saw this elephant he seemed quite stressed swinging back and forth , these are all remarks of a very stressed elephant .And it was under a tiny shade which did not and will not save him from horrible sunburns. It was such a shame to see that this beautiful animal was tied right in front of a huge Buddha statue, when Lord Buddha’s teachings was to be kind to all animal beings .We need to raise the awareness and help rescue this poor elephants , this is not the only case , after all this is a Buddhist country , so its time to Buddhist temples to act like one

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  • The Department of Wildlife Conservation
    President Sri Lanka ( Mahinda Rajapaksa )/The Department of Wildlife Conservation

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