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Adopt the proposed Club-wide policy on TRAPPING

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The Sierra Club's board of directors is currently considering a proposed Club-wide policy on TRAPPING. This policy would put Sierra Club on record opposing most animal trapping that involves leghold traps and snares -- widely recognized as inhumane and which can injure or kill animals.

For information on this issue and a link to the Sierra Club's policy, visit:


From an ecological standpoint, this form of trapping can harm threatened or endangered species. The Sierra Club board of directors is under pressure from a small group of people who argue that opposing INHUMANE and INDISCRIMINATE trapping will result in a political backlash from those who support it(!?). Many Sierra Club members wonder why the board would feel concern over alienating this group; it would be like the Club refusing to oppose water pollution out of fears that the polluting industries would not like it. We need some COURAGE on the Sierra Club board, and we need them to PASS THE TRAPPING POLICY NOW.

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