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Students at The University of Central Florida are struggling due to the Carona Virus outbreak. Many students including my own roommates have lost their on campus jobs (Student Union) and have been given no compensation in return. Students who have paid for tuition in full are now being forced to move to online classes. Textbooks that were bought for these classes are now given free access online. The students at the University of Central Florida deserve to have at least 25-30% of their tuition in back. As a student we cover athletic fees (RWC) Technology fees (Tech Commons) Transportation Fees (Shuttle Buses) and more and the fact that we are longer able to have access to these services means that we as students have been robbed out of our money and overall college experience. Please sign this petition to President Seymour and Financial Aid office. It could be the start of creating change to help our fellow students in this time.  We deserve our money back!