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Do NOT allow TNCs into LAX.

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  • Safety,
  • Accountability,
  • Non-discrimination and
  • Efficiency

These are the pillars of the foundation which allowed the Los Angeles Word Airport to become the third busiest in the United States.  The traveling public relies on these qualities and expects nothing less from the ongoing process, considering permitting Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as UberX, Lyft and Sidecar to pick up passengers at LAX.

The San Francisco and Los Angeles District Attorneys have said that these companies “mislead the public,” pose “a continuing threat to consumers” and violate state law.  San Francisco DA George Gascon considers their driver background checks “completely worthless”.  There have been 40 lawsuits filed against TNCs in the US in State and Federal Courts by customers, “partner” drivers, bystanders, regulators and competitors.  They have been accused of ADA and RICO violations, fraud, unfair competition, false advertising, environmental and other breaches of the law.  29 states have issued warnings regarding insufficient insurance coverage by TNCs.  In clear violation of their permit to operate in California, Uber refused to provide required data to California Public Utilities Commission and some 600 drivers have been cited in SF and LA airports for violations ranging from having no driver’s license, registration, insurance or sharing smartphones with unauthorized drivers.  70% of those contacted at SFO did not display required “trade dress” and Uber charged customers a phantom $4.00 “airport fee toll”, without ever paying the airport.  Without permanently affixed decals and as a sting in Houston and numerous citations in LA attest, passengers picked up without going through company’s platform or getting into a wrong TNC vehicle would be left without ANY insurance coverage at all.  Several drivers have been found to have serious criminal records and were on parole, while working for Uber or Lyft.  A registered sex offender was found picking up a 22 years old female passenger at LAX and in the last two months alone, 4 female passengers were raped in Chicago, Boston, Delhi and Melbourne and scores of others have reported sexual harassment and assaults.  Working as a TNC “partner” means choosing between committing insurance fraud and employment and NONE of their “partners” have the required LA Business Tax Registration Certificate or comply with California Vehicle code Section 260(a), which requires vehicles used for transportation of passengers for compensation to have commercial license plates.  .  TNCs have been accused of predatory practices, invasion of privacy, threatening a journalist, gouging and misogyny.  They have made violation of laws, fraud and deception core principles of their business strategy.  Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, readily admitted as much in an interview, when he said: “every trip that’s happening is a criminal misdemeanor

Allowing TNCs to pick up passengers at LAX would make travesty of the high standards which have been the core requirements for Ground Transportation Providers at the airport.  It would endanger the public, sanction discrimination, exacerbate congestion, it would cause unnecessary delays for all travelers and revenue loss for LAWA.  There is no moral or legal logic that would justify giving special accommodation and unfair advantage to companies which refuse to comply with relevant laws and make fraud and deception their “business model”. Laws that protect the public are not a “barrier to entry” or an impediment to innovation.  Innovation without safety, accountability or equal access is hollow and unethical.  The Board of Airport Commissioners must look past the fog of misrepresentations or misguided latest fashion and make reasoned informed decision based on merit and credible, verifiable, unbiased information from informed experts. 

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