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President @SBYudhoyono: Come to Saudi, where thousands of your people are stranded. Bring them home!

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Over 10,000 Indonesians in Saudi Arabia are crammed in Tarhil Sumaisyi, an immigration camp that was once a prison. They can’t go home nor get out. Thousands more, homeless on the streets, accompanied by the cold and rainy weather.

It saddens me, seeing a woman give birth without adequate care; babies can barely get milk. Even if there’s milk, it’s made with unsterile water. Yesterday, Didier Jainuddin, a migrant worker from Sukabumi, died in an appaling condition

These are the migrant workers that were expelled by their employers since the amnesty ended (remission period for undocumented migrant workers) on November 3. Of the 101,067 migrant workers who attempted to get amnesty, only 17,306 managed to get it, and just 6,700 got exit permits to go back to Indonesia. Only 484 of them could be repatriated to Indonesia due to the difficulty of bureaucracy to get the exit permit.

Thousands of migrant workers who can not be accommodated in Tarhil Sumaisyi, simply put their lives to uncertain fate. Wandering the streets. Most sleep on the roadside along Tarhil Matar Qadeem in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The embassy and consulate of Indonesia in Saudi do not have the capacity to accommodate them.

The enactment of Kaffala system in Saudi Arabia entrap migrant workers to modern slavery. Kaffala system requires foreign workers to give their passports to their employers.  If they want to get out from Arab, they must get permission from the employer to get the legalization of exit permit at the immigration.

I started this petition because I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE! These conditions are heartbreaking.

The only way is to do high-level lobby!

Mr. President, thousands of your people are living homeless in a foreign country! They’re neglected and treated inhumanely. They need you to intervene! Come to Saudi Arabia. Speed up the exit permit, let thousands of children and women go back to their motherland soon.

This situation is becoming increasingly serious. The children are getting sick. Do not let them suffer too long. People who are forced to live on the the roadside needs protection, let alone the bad weather in Saudi.

My friends in Indonesia, please help me to convey this to Mr. President.






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