STOP the consideration of re-establishing Death Penalty as a law. NO TO DEATH PENALTY!!

STOP the consideration of re-establishing Death Penalty as a law. NO TO DEATH PENALTY!!

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Shemaiah Arazo started this petition to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and

PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE: A call for the cessation of consideration on the re-establishment of Death Penalty as a law. Crime should be killed not the people.

It was Monday of July 22 year 2017 when our current President Rodrigo Roa Duterte mentioned during his speech on state of the nation’s address (SONA) that he is somewhat considering the re-establishment of death penalty as a law and asked the congress for its approval due to the rapid growth of crime rates in our country.

We as a citizen of this country, should make a move and act out. We should let our voices be heard and let the government know that implementing Death Penalty would not do anything good for any of us, instead it would just bring disadvantages on our part.

The republic act no. 7659 or Death Penalty is defined as the law allowing the execution of criminals due to committing serious acts that offends the law, and as it portrays the involvement of human life, it is an important issue to talk about, especially that it revolves around killing and ending an individual’s life.

Like we have mentioned, We should stop the plan of re-establishing death penalty as a law, why? Let us enumerate the reasons why we should not reconsider the establishment of Death Penalty as a law.



Death penalty promotes the efficiency of solving problems with the use of violence instead of talking it out with peace and integrity. The aforementioned penalty would instill violence as an instrument to avoid difficult problems and challenges in life instead of finding the way out of it.


As death penalty involves the execution of human life, it would leave a remark on our fellow Filipino Citizens that human life is “not that valuable” as it can be easily taken away just by making mistakes in life.

Human life is valuable and precious, and if instills violence along with the devaluation of human life , it can be considered a promotion to commit crime.


Death Penalty gives no chance to law offenders of changing into a better person. As the saying goes, “Change is the only constant thing in this world”, and if things in this world has the chance of changing, law offenders could also be changed into a better person when given the chance, and death penalty gives them no chance to do it.


Why would we implement a law that intrudes other law. It is by the law that killing other people is a crime, and doing it on law offenders makes the government a criminals as well. We should promote laws that would make people abide it, not against it.  


If anything involves the execution of human life, whatever reason you may have, it is considered as a SIN. It is said in the Bible in Exodus 20:13, sixth in the ten commandments of God, “thou shalt not kill”, no more no less. Whatever reason our government may use to kill an individual, it would always be seen as a sin to be committed. In just two Hebrew words, God gave us the sixth commandment. It was intended to stress the fact that life is sacred, that God alone gives life, and that no individual has the right to arbitrarily take it from another person.  


Killing an individual is unethical, unruly and unjust act to be committed. Taking a person’s life is traditionally known as a bad thing to do, and implementing it is like promoting unjust and unethical acts.


Children are known to be traditionally innocent and pure, and with the re-establishment of death penalty, their minds could be stained with violence. Parents may use it as a threat whenever their child did something bad, and this could instill trauma to them as a child.


Seperation of the state and church along with its people and followers is a disadvantage for all of the said sectors. We should promote unity and peace among ourselves and death penalty could seperate people in accordance to their beliefs. Misundertanding, misconception, war and violence between ourselves even with the same race would arise when the plan of re-establishing death penalty has been fulfilled.


We are all humans, and as a human being we are expected to commit mistakes in our life whether we like it or not. With killing law offenders gives the impression that when you commit mistake, you are not valuable enough to own a life, and this misconception should not be made, and with implementing and re-establishing death penalty, these misconceptions could not be avoided.

According to a survey released by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) on the 8th of October year 2017, less people agreed on death penalty being the punishment for people convicted of 7 crimes related to illegal drugs. The survey found out that people demands life imprisonment instead of using violence. The survey shows that majority of us still thinks that there are other alternative solution that could be the answer to the problems of our society.

The problems in our society should not be corrected with the use of violence, we should not fight fire with fire, instead we should find water to fix it. We should try to fix the violence going on our country with peace and integrity, and not on going against it with another kind of violence. And remember, that if we try to kill a murderer, that makes us a murderer ourselves. Government should find ways on solving our society’s problem and not find ways on how to avoid it.

Mistakes cannot be avoided, it teaches us something new whenever we encounter it. Death Penalty, gives us no chance to learn something in life.


We should eliminate the crime itself, not the people.

We should value life equally, not depending on what the society sees us, or onto what kind of mistakes we have done in our lives.

Death Penalty was suspended during the year of 2006 and replaced by life imprisonment. We succeeded on maintaining peace in our country for over a decade and a year, it means that we can do it, we can maintain peace without the use of violence.


We should let our voices be heard, and stop the re-establishment of Death Penalty!


Our country should promote and focus on producing excellent and educated individuals, we should fix and educate our people instead of eliminating them!


Educate, do not eliminate!!!


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