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Before I start my petition. First let me discuss you what is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying occurs when electronic communications such as text messages,emails,instant messages and mostly social media are used to threaten, hurt and humiliate someone.

The issue of cyberbullying has come up in many places, it is also, particularly problematic amongst adolescents and young adults because it has been associated with an increased risk of suicidality and mental health disturbances in this population. Cyberbullying has reached a peak and has driven some to extreme. One study of over "2,000 middle school children found that cyberbullying victims were nearly twice likely to attemp suicide compared with students not targeted with someone online abuse". (Holladay, 2011). And in United states study of over "20,000 high school students it was found the being cyberbullied is associated with various forms of psychological distress such as depression, injury and suidality" (Laftman, Modin, Ostberg, 2013).

So is there anything good or fun in cyberbullying? Absolutely a big NO! If you are one of the bullies then please stop! Rmember that you destroying someone's life. You make them feel worst and unhappy.

However to the victims of cyberbullying, here are some tips to prevent it. First, you must educate yourself.To prevent from occuring you must understand exactly what it is. Second, protect your social media infotmation and accounts. Seto up your privacy controls and never open unindentified or unsolicited. Lastly, the most important is be aware of your surroundings.

SAY NO TO CYBERBULLYING! If you want your life to become moreeffective. Just love, respect, build your own compassion and empathy. STOP CYBERBULLYING!

REFERENCE: Laftman, Ostberg (2013) stop cyberbullying. self improvement.

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