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Bulabog beach has only 2 km beach wherein 500m on the northern end is already a road. Why shall we allow the government public works and highways to take another 120m of our beach to lengthen the road ? What for and who will benefit? Our windsport tourism on that side will definitely lose a portion of the tiny beach area. WHY?
We already discussed and agreed in the past on using the back boundaries of the beachfront properties. We even helped to approached the owners of those 4 affected beachfront properties. Why change it again? Are we for saving and
preserving the environment or for the destruction of our environment ?
Bulabog beach is one of the world’s best kitesurfing and windsurfing spot on the planet and one of Boracay’s main attraction for tourism. It is the only one in the Philippines with complete set up, with 15 world class schools/centers, attracting thousands of windsurfers and kitesurfers every year to enjoy the sport, host to popular international sporting events: the 25 years old Boracay International Funboard Cup and Kiteboard Tour Asia.

As there has been no proper Environmental Impact study on the affects this
road will have, if built by the beach, we urge the government to reconsider the proposed road connection’s location.
Firstly, this year, 2018, residents of Bulabog Beach have found 8 turtles,
wherein 5 were Hawksbill hatchlings. This is of great importance as Bulabog
Beach may therefore be considered a nesting site for turtles. The pollution,
noise and increase of traffic, together with all other stressed to be brought
about by a road along Bulabog Beach, will definitely affect and damage the
turtles’ nesting habits. Out of 5 marine turtle species in the Philippines, 4 have
been found along the shore of Boracay- and mostly in this part of Bulabog.
The secretary himself, Honourable Roy A. Cimatu, said that to protect
Boracay, we need to protect its biodiversity. Isn’t this road a contradiction to
our common aim?
Secondly, to protect the road against onshore winds, rising sea levels and
typhoons, a seawall would have to be built, which would further contribute to
the sand erosion of Bulabog Beach. This can be seen on the northern end of
Bulabog Beach, where there is an increase of sand erosion due to the existing
seawall protecting the road. Seawalls have for this reason been removed,
upon order from the government, along the beaches of Boracay.
Thirdly, the placement of a road on the beach, which would have constant
traffic, would lead to an increase in visual, sound and air pollution on the
beach. Is this really what the goal of the “rehabilitation” of Boracay is ? This
would change the whole vibe of Bulabog Beach, one of the world’s top
beaches for Kiteboarding and Windsurfing. Kiteboarding has now been
included in the summer Olympics, which will lead to an increase in interest
and value of kiteboarding. A Boracay native has qualified as a representative
of the Philippines, the only qualifier from Asia, in the Summer Olympics for
kiteboarding. Building a road along Bulabog Beach would highly diminish its
beauty, vibe and the safety of kite boarders.
In 2012, a petition was already created against the proposal of a road on
Bulabog Beach, where some land owners already agreed to the building of the
road on the west sides of their property enabling the creation of a
circumferential road, without placing it along the beach. The departments have
had 6 years to discuss this with landowners, which was not done. Now due to
the media attention on Boracay this road is being pushed for without any
consideration for alternative solutions of its placement nor an Environmental Impact Study. We commend the government's efforts on rehabilitating Boracay Island and
fully support the clean-up of Boracay. However, every decision made needs to
be properly studied and needs to be environmentally-sustainable.
Therefore, we ask the government to reconsider the location of the circumferential road along Bulabog Beach due to the environmental, social and cultural impacts it
will have.
Let’s place the environment and the beauty of Boracay primary to the
convenience of a quick fix!
Warm regards,
Boracay Wind sports Association
Bulabog Stakeholders