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Eradicate Hazing

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Hazing originated centuries ago. It has pervaded society and has been seen in the military, in fraternities and sororities, college honor and secret societies, in athletics, and in many pre-professional organizations and marching bands. Hazing is an action taken or situation created, intentionally or unintentionally, whether on or off university premises and whether presented as optional or required, to produce: mental or physical, or emotional discomfort; servitude; degradation; embarrassment; harassment; or ridicule for the purpose of initiation into, affiliation with, or admission to, or as a condition for continued membership of the group, team or other organization regardless of an individual's willingness to participate.

Hazing is more prevalent than you know and can be subtle or overt. Many assume that hazing is relegated to fraternities and sororities, but that assumption is grossly inaccurate. Hazing occurs in all groups, like pre-professional organizations, sports teams, music groups, and other clubs. It is a practice because it is repeated and many accept it as "tradition". There are better ways to instill a sense of tradition and pride in an organization without denegrating its members through harmful acts that are against the values of that organization.

Being part of a campus group can be one of the most meaningful aspects of student life. However, hazing is a hidden and serious problem that undermines the value of these experiences for many individuals. Recently, hazing has garnered media attention with much younger students as well. It's depressing that this kind of method is quickly spreading and affecting the lives of the youth.

Raising the awareness about the prevention of hazing is a task that is shared by many. In order to prevent this we have to raise awareness not just to the people that are involved but as well as the people that can help change this kind of act. Because there is no individual should be demeaned, ridiculed, belittled or placed in a potentially harmful situation in order to be included in a group. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. Let's begin to eradicate hazing.

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