Ban Throwing of Waste in Manila Bay

Ban Throwing of Waste in Manila Bay

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Airam Castillo started this petition to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and

Introduction to the Problem

Waste is a recedual of living organisms. It's okay or normal to have waste but others abuse it. This is the reason why waste became a real disaster and a headache of many. Waste is a trash that made by us. We have the resposibility to throw them in the right place but trashes became waste because of negligence of many. Trashes became waste because of us, not because of their role on the Earth, they exist because we made them. 



  • Drainage get blocked that may lead to floods
  • Water polution
  •  Animals die because of eating trashes that causes to extinction


  • Some waste are reusable, we just known by segregating the trashes
  • Some people became responsible
  • People became innovative to reduce waste
  • Some of the waste are used to be a things needed

Philosophical view

This problem contains different philosophical views. First we have Anthropocentrism, in this view tells us that humans are the central species of the planet; primary cause that drives changes in the environment. Saying that the man made it and makes some changes and evolution of whats happening around. Next is Social Ecology, says that there's a relationship between social problems and environmental problems. Still tells us that whatever happens to the surroundings is caused by people or human. The last one is Environmental Ethics states that human responsibility and action with regard to environmental issues; still says that what man do affects other. This philosophical views fall under humans are the responsible one who made everything and because of negligence it causes destruction or disasters. 


  • segregate trashes
  • dont treat trashes a waste treat them as a responsibility of yours
  • dont be a lazy put them in the right place or easily put them on trash bins
  • know how to reduce
  • learn how to be a responsible man
  • learn more about trashes

Closing Statement

Be more responsible for a better world. Always think before you do anything. Dont drop a thing unless you know their worth. Trashes isn't just a waste sometimes trashes became more beautiful thing just know their worth or uses. Make a wonderful world by creating wonderful things even for a ugliest one. Be responsible and dont be slackness.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!