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Accessible Free Internet Connection for Students in School

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          The internet is the modern engine of progress and has a far more invasive effect on our education system. No doubt, internet can be very useful when it comes to education; for making reports, projects, homework and even enhance lessons in class discussions. Students who have an access to the internet show that they are more productive and participative in class activities because there is an availability of a wealth of knowledge at times it is needed.

          According to a broadband policy brief released by Arangkada Philippines last year (2016), almost 80 percent (80%) of public schools in the Philippines still do not have Internet access. Because of this, the improvement of education in our country and the improvement of academic performance of the students may delay due to the lack of internet connection in schools which is very important in our time today.

          As a student, I chose this petition because I want an accessible internet connection for students who study both in public and private schools in the Philippines. Having an accessible internet connection can really improve the students’ performance in school. It really has a great impact in our education because we will be able to do our projects, homework, class activities and even written and oral reports immediately and in a better way.

          I am requesting for the assistance of the leading internet providers in our country and our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to make this possible and make it a reality for us students to be more globally competitive and maximize our full potential to contribute to the Philippines’ economic growth.

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