Petition to Strengthen the Garbage Collection and Proper Disposal in the City of Caloocan

Petition to Strengthen the Garbage Collection and Proper Disposal in the City of Caloocan

August 1, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jasmine Anciado

Here in the Philippines, the heaping and heavy loads of garbage everywhere is one of the most worrying issues present in this country which needs a lot more to improve. Before implementing this movement nationwide, the City of Caloocan would be a great trial place to examine and start with for that most of the residents of Caloocan have experienced a few disturbances and troubles regarding this problem we would like to promote a petition for. As of now, after some accurate researches and brainstorming of beneficial opinions and ideas, the only attainable and possible solution to the problem is by this, further strengthening the collection of garbage, further expanding the covered locations, and promoting its proper disposal.



If this project was not given the chance to be executed, there could be consequences such as:

  • Continuous piling up of litter and garbage - This will continue to affect the environment's natural image and will continue to look unpleasant to visitors or even locals which might give the place poor impressions.
  • Uncontrollable stench - As we all know, garbage, especially those biodegradable and rotting wastes emits such unpleasant and extreme in which it could hinder people from concentrating on whatever they are supposed to do.
  • Increase of road and street inconvenience - Due to these heaping and scattered litter, it could extend to the streets and pavements and people, bicycles and other modes of transportation could encounter difficulties in passing by these pathways.

By implementing this project, we will be gaining benefits like:

  • Clearer passageways - Connected to the last listed con, by executing proper disposal and collection of garbage, the passages and streets will be more perceptible and usable.
  • Fair and pleasant air - We would now be able to travel from place to place without encountering the awful and bad stench the wastes give out which most of the locals worry about for that it could cling on and adapt to one's clothes and has the possibility to ruin one's day.
  • Spacious sites - By clearing the whereabouts, more space will be freed up and apparent; hence, the physicality and the appearance of the place will improve and will look more presentable to man.  

This petition has ideas concerning the view of Deep Ecology. This view is seen for that as humans taking our places on this world, the Earth, we should see ourselves as part of it and value, connect and respect this world of ours. We could develop a relationship with our own habitat by taking very good care of it and set our minds that we depend on each other to live. One must find their role and do their part to preserve everything we need to sustain ourselves. Just by simply disposing our garbage appropriately, we would not be creating more threats to our environment and course, ourselves.

We could start the movement and project by planning the spots to focus on and finally starting the step-by-step execution to success and improvement. Firstly, the main motive and plan of this project was to strengthen the collection of garbage so if possible, we should provide more collecting trucks which we should guarantee that will patrol every part of the city and gather the wastes at least 2 days in a week. Accompanying this scheme, a plan of providing more garbage bins around the city was also planned to implement, especially to the crowded and public settings. How are we sure that the 2 days in a week garbage collection will be successful and consistent? By deploying more trucks, as stated, means that there will be more allotted duties for more people which also are given the chance to be employed especially to those who are poverty-stricken. 

We guarantee you that the execution and the motive of this petition will satisfy everyone’s desires on the cleanliness of our locations and we surely will effectively implement the project. Given the will and the strong intention to see improvement on the society, we will consistently strive for our environment's development. As told by Pope John Paul II, “The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”. Other than our petition’s movement, we do believe that change starts within a person and we should contribute individually to our world’s betterment for that it’s also us who relies and benefits upon it. We must all take a step towards our environment’s revitalization and help one another. 


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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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