Petition to Plant Fruit Trees in Urban Areas

Petition to Plant Fruit Trees in Urban Areas

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Karynne Chloe Rafael started this petition to President Rodrigo Duterte and


This petition aims to plant fruit trees in urban areas. The Philippines faces a lot of economical concerns like pollution, floods, and landslides. It also faces social concerns like poverty and public health issues. These problems are mostly prominent in urban areas because of the great number of vehicles, instant foods and building constructions. Plants and trees are just used as ornaments and not for its benefits.

According to the 2017 statistics, Philippines ranks third among countries at risk for disasters. In 2018, there were 79 reported landslide incidents, and more that 700 areas flooded across 6 regions. There were about 45.3% of 1,000,000 Filipinos who died because of air pollution. Around 22 million Filipinos or one-fifth of the country's population still live below poverty.

Here are the consequences if these problems are ignored:

  • Philippines will rank higher as the country most at risk for disasters
  • Increase in pollution
  • High risk of high water levels when flooding
  • Increase in landslide prone areas
  • Increase of poverty rate
  • Increase of health related diseases

This petition is based on the philosophical view of social ecology as it analyzes the problems of individuals and the problems of our environment. It is also based on the view of environmental aesthetics as this petition improves and preserves the beauty of our environment while solving the concerns in our environment as well as our society. This petition gives environmental justice to the citizens and animals living in urban areas because it wants everyone to live healthy and comfortable. 

If this petition is supported (merits):

  • Places will be more beautiful and refreshing
  • It provides cleaner air
  • There will be a better flood management
  • It avoids soil erosion
  • It avoids scarcity
  • It can provide work
  • It can promote good health
  • Consumers can save money
  • It can provide food and shelter for animals

For these problems to be solved, the Philippine government needs to implement planting fruit trees in open areas so that homeless and poor people would have something to eat. Eating fruits would boost their energy to work and improve their state.

Planting fruit trees may be a little work but it could make a lot of difference. I hope this petition will be supported! Let's all join forces and make our country a better place to live in!


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