Electing a drug user barangay captain? LET’S SAY NO!

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         Reports of drug related crime are common in the Philippines media. The main concern tends to be towards Shabu which gets the most media attention. It does seem that illegal drug use is on the rise, and this has worrying implications for the future. There is an urgent need to educate young people as the dangers of drug use, and there is also a great need to help those who are already addicted to escape their misery. Failure to do this could mean there will be further deterioration within many Filipino communities. There are believed to be as many as 6.7 million drug abusers according to figures from 2004- this is a dramatic increase from 1972 when there was only believed to have been around 20,000 drug users in the said country.

          According to president Rodrigo Roa Duterte, 40% all barangay captains are using Shabu. A drug test for those who will run for barangay captains before filling up candidacy will assure the citizens that the man or the leader who will handle the community is under a healthy mind and body, therefore he/she will be able to manage properly the entire barangay.

          A model community is composed of a good ruler and responsible members, but how this will happen if the ruler is under the spirit of drugs? How can an autocrat rule his/her citizens if he/she cannot think properly? The main function of this petition is to perform a drug test to those who will run for the candidacy on this upcoming barangay election. Those who will get a positive drug test result will not be able to run for candidacy, instead they will end up in a rehabilitation center to be healthy again or in a jail for not following the law.

          In this petition, I am asking you, the one who’s reading this, our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Supreme Court and the Congress to take action over this matter. I want to request a change; a change that will ensure the welfare of the citizens. I am also including all voters and concern citizens as a decision maker because we are involved in this matter. All of us will become a victim of foolish drug addict candidates if this will lead to nothing.

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