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Depression Awareness : A semi-colon project

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Most of problem that the world encounter without people noticing, is the major depressive disorder or the most known name, “Depression”. It is a psychological condition that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. As of 2012, the World Health Organization announced that more than 350 million people from all over the world are suffering from depression. Sadly, many have very little understanding of the disease, which does not help in curbing its prevalence.

Depression is nothing but “the blues”. The most common misconception about Depression is that some say “You’re just having a bad” or “It’ll be okay” and it certainly does not help. They think it’s just an expression or stress that causes us to say we’re depress, but no. Being aware to this psychological condition can cease the number of suicidal ideation to people. We can help them get through and help them to immediately be treated.

MediCard, a leading HMO in the Philippines, hopes to dispel several myths about depression, in the hopes of creating a more positive and helpful environment for people who are suffering from the condition. Just pop some pills and it will go away. Depression is a complex psychological disorder that results from any number of causes, such as abuse, loss of a loved one, family history, or a serious illness.

Do you know Cara Delevingne? She unravel the story behind her teenage years where she admitted that she was depressed that’s why she was taken out of school. She experienced having suicidal thoughts that almost lead her to her grave but fortunately she tries to divert her attention and endeavor the treating process her family wants.

 The objective to this campaign is to make us become aware about people who are suffering with that kind of condition. It is for us to prevent the numbers of mental ill person, you can help them cope up with things and make them feel important and make them feel wanted. Depression awareness is what we need, knowing it can cease hundreds of people suffering from this. Be aware and never disregard the symptoms your friends, family or even acquaintances might be having.

This project aims to formulate a strategy where we can help people with this condition, here are the following suggestions that can help us to outnumbered the patients of depression :

  • Seminars or Symposiums in every school and barangays
  • Create a peer group in your community
  • Use social media to help others
  • Always have a concern to your family and friends
  • Never joke about suicide

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