Change the Police Leadership in Cebu City.

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In light of the most recent happenings in the city, it seems that our police leadership in Cebu, especially Col. Garma, as defined by Senator Ping Lacson as "dipping in the politics of the city" ; I am making this petition to the President that I supported to have the leadership of the PNP in Cebu to be replaced and have Garma removed. People of Cebu, you have read the news, you have seen the harassments, the operations without valid warrants, let us make our voices heard as a united Cebu. The PNP is a group that swore to protect and serve the people and not just the interest of a political party or that of an appointed staff of the President. 

Let us make this bold move today before the elections. We will elect the rightful leader of our city. But we also have the right as a democratic country to speak when we no longer feel safe under the protection of our own police force.