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We want to be healthy even if were outside our house. We can't be feel secured on the things that we put inside our mouths. Especially us, students who always buying at the canteen and didn't even notice the cups and spoons that supposedly  "DISPOSABLE" is repeatedly used. And that might cause several problems that can lead to serious problems and diseases. Students aren't receiving correct hygiene that ALL public school should have. 

These are the WHY's why you shouldn't use or reuse a disposables : 

#1 – Majority Of Plastic Spoons Can’t Be Recycled

Disposable spoons are made to be disposed after you used it ONCE. Because : 

  • Most plastic spoons is made from a type of plastic known as polystyrene

1. Polystyrene or expanded polystyrene is more commonly referred to as Styrofoam. It is very difficult torecycle Styrofoam. Most municipalities simply do not offer Styrofoam recycling and thus plastic cutlery that is put into a recycling bin is usually just sorted out at the recycling facility and sent to a landfill.

#2 – It Creates Waste
This is a bit of a no-brainer, but I want to paint the full picture here. If you use plastic cutlery and don’t or can’t recycle it, then it’s sent to a landfill.

If you use compostable cutlery however it can be composted and instead of piling up in a landfill it can be used as fertilizer in your garden (or in someone else’s garden).

If you’re using re-usable cutlery or metal cutlery, even better. You completely avoid the process of creating a single use item, and again – no solid waste is created.

We recommend for the School Canteen and Restaurants the following:
* For the students, please use metal re-usable spoons. Plastic just doesn’t taste good in your mouth and you’ll find most of your classmates would much prefer to eat with metal spoons (I am one of the people who loves to eat using a metal spoons). The improved eating experience should be well worth the cleaning, and in the end you’ll end up saving money as you’ll only be paying for a little water and soap to wash your spoons, as opposed to paying for a new fork for each students.

*For customers that are getting their food delivered – they’re at home! What home does not have metal spoons and utensils in the drawer. 

*For customers that are taking their food to go, please ask them if they need disposable spoons before simply putting it in their paper bags. Many customers are heading home or back to work where they have access to re-usable spoons and will simply throw away your plastic spoons (I know you had seen it happen just as many times as I have).

We know why disposable is widely used today, one of the causes why is it widely used is that it is cheap than metal spoons, it is convenient to use rather than metal spoons because instead of washing your spoons right away after you eat, you will just throw it. 

We didn't say that you can't use a disposable spoons and cups, we can use it but I recommend that you use it at home whenever with your family and if you're inviting some people come over to your house and have a little party and must use a disposables. Because you can't tell if that disposable spoon you are using right now is just recycled and maybe the one that used it has a Tuberculosis that can transfer to you.

Plastic disposable spoons and cups are used around the world by the restaurants and other food services like canteen in schools. We want to be safe and protected. FDA and DOH must checked the canteens hygiene regularly to maintain cleanliness of the utensils and foods.. President Rodrigo Duterte should hear our voices the way canteens are using it the wrong way.  Join us and sign this and share our petition and give us your ideas for a waste-free and sick-free school.