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Rutgers employees should NOT have to pay to park to come to work

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Rutgers and RBHS staff should not be forced to pay for parking at their work locations.

Parking should not be a paid privilege for Rutgers and RBHS staff. Rather, it is a necessity for a great percentage of employees who do not reside within areas where public transportation is an option.

First, paying for a parking permit places an undue financial burden on Rutgers employees, and yet they are required to obtain one in order to comply with the basic requirements of their jobs at the University. Salaries for staff at a public institution such as Rutgers can hardly match those from private industry, and the University administration should rightly take this into account. The University should waive the parking fee for Rutgers staff, rather than cutting into our paychecks to fund this basic necessity.

Second, the system of issuing tickets for not having a parking permit only exacerbates the problem. If a staff member does not obtain a parking permit, they can be issued parking tickets carrying approx. $75 fines each day until a permit is purchased. However, they are unable to even purchase a permit until all of the tickets have been paid in full. This can result in financial burdens as high as $375 if the staff members is even 1 week late in purchasing the necessary permit.

Rutgers, as an institution which respects and embraces diversity among its faculty and staff body, should honor said principles by demonstrating that employees from different financial backgrounds shouldn't have to carry the burden of disbursing a 'fee-to-belong'.

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