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Removal of Cardinal Dolan from UST Graduation

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Dear President Ivany:


I am deeply concerned about UST's decision  to allow Cardinal Dolan to deliver this year's commencement address.


After doing extensive research into the buried pedophilia of the Catholic priesthood, and understanding Cardinal Dolan's direct role in it, I am truly shocked that he would be considered. We know not only that he dispersed millions of dollars in exchange for non disclosure to the innocent victims of countless violent acts, but he's also made it public knowledge that he does not support the LGBT community through hateful language. Let us not forget that we are located in, and supported by, Montrose, a neighborhood founded on a commitment to protect the civil rights of the LGBT community.


A commencement speaker should lend hope and inspire a generation moving forward. Cardinal Dolan's actions depicted in the news filled me and my peers with dismay and deep sadness, not hope.


I am aware that students at other institutions have rejected his involvement as their commencement speaker. I surmise our feelings are shared.


Please consider the kind of message this will send to your students and our community, as his actions alone were in direct contrast to the Catholic mission and the mission we embody here at UST. We simply cannot condone his behavior in spite of his repentance, or transformation.


Following the unveiling of the Catholic church's betrayal of God's mission, my own faith was shattered. It's been repaired here, on this campus, inspired by our fine professors and Basilian Fathers. I attend Mass regularly, and drink deeply from the messages based on faith and reason. If we as an institution are not part of the cure, we are in essence part of the disease.


It is my hope that you reconsider his address and it's lasting effects.

-Christina Cochran 


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Quote from CNN article about paying off priests who sexually abused children: "The Chapter 11 proceedings led to the discovery that Dolan had approved payments of $20,000 to get abusive priests to leave the church in 2003. The Milwaukee archdiocese confirmed that it had offered the payoffs as "the most expedient and cost-effective way" to get rid of them.”

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