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Stop the lure of Blood Oil

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The Ecuadorian president Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. is planning on moving big China and American Oil big rigs into the Yasuní National Park unless his countries debts of over $3 billion and more are paid off to the lenders that he has borrowed from China, America and Europe.
President Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado doesn’t want to default though like his other loan with the states and Europe, he want’s everyone on the planet to pay for his mistakes and if no negotiable deal is made soon then we will be looking at the Yasuni National Park of which scientists and photographers located hundreds of thousands of new species from insects, mammals, aquatics, and reptilians to botanical species destroyed for blood oil.
The problems don’t just end there though, within and around what is now named as “ITT block 31” are tribal families that consist in small units of just over two hundred people per unit, and the last time drilling took place in the Ecuadorian park by a company named as Texaco now named Chevron back in the 1950-70’s hundreds of tribal families had their own natural homes destroyed by deliberate oil pollution that was strewn in rivers and on land contaminating land and drinking supplies harming and killing thousands of people and animals, not to mention physically maiming unborn children with birth defects.
Tribal elders and their families suffered cancers, infectious diseases, to respiratory failure and death leaving thousands of families to flee their century old homes and live the modern life, succumbing to more diseases that they were not use to after living such a natural way of life within the “modern world”.
The drilling hasn’t started yet thank god, however the government of Ecuador that owns the park and roughly 5% of the Amazon are edging fuel and pipe lines closer to the park that will be placed above land ripping through the forests and rivers, creating more dirt roads, and displacing many animals and natural tribal families of the Waorani Community and Kichwa Community plus (non-native colonization’s) too.
We have had our suspicions about this this area now for some time and when we knew that China was involved we then investigated more on this along with America and China’s demand for fuel. China has pulled a crafty move here, they knew the Yasuní National Park had within and surrounding lands over 850 million barrels of oil beneath its pristine undisturbed land.
Bailing Ecuador out of economic crisis with a little help of “America” to then its blatantly obvious that Ecuadorian president Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado is not going to be able to pay this massive debt of, so in turn we are now 1000% positive along with other scientists, conservationists and geologists that China, America and Ecuador will strike a deal up to drill that would conserve China’s and America’s natural oil reserves for years to come thus killing thousands of flora and fauna, and displacing natural habitat and tribal communities.
Wouldn’t be the first time neither that an American “company” has ruined millions of hectares of rainforest in second and third world nations (April Asia) have been doing it for some years now “Quote” we are doing it in a responsible way that the Indonesian government wants.. “Un-quote” however most if not all of the paper and wood furnishing products end up in America and exported intentionally which killed and still is killing Sumatran Tigers and Orang-utans.
The fact stands at this, Yasuní National Park is under threat and unless the United Nations Environmental Department, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES does not take action now and enforce the entire zone as protected, then we will lose the world’s largest natural biodiversity.
Located in such a small location on earth this will displace many colonisations plus opening the forest up to poachers creating more harm and the illegal animal parts trade to skyrocket.
Oil exploration began in the region of the ITT block in 1948 causing extensive collateral damage to land, nature and people however the Yasuni National Park was “left untouched” until 2005 when geologists working for an “unnamed company which we believe is BP, Shell or Chevron” located the most richest oil mineral deposits in the world.
Now since 2007 as of the massive Ecuadorian economical breakdown President Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado is now blackmailing the planets population and other governments to pay him the lenders fee back that being what China and America requires. If he is not paid from ourselves then “he drills thus giving China and America their money back” in (oil) and not money.
Ecuador and China and America have good relations and if the drilling does go ahead we will see a catastrophic Mother Nature break down not seen before with hundreds of thousands of species of animals and insects displaced and murdered to poached.
There is also the danger that a well could explode and this happens there is no way a clean-up operation team could handle such a vast amount of pollution over such a colossal area and with the soil being very porous to would suck the oil in thus contaminating the land for hundreds of years.
China, and America are two of the largest carbon emitters on earth using the largest amount of fuels, they also have the largest population growth although Europe has a total population of over 700 million that’s not just including one nation like China and America and each nation of Europe only relies on small quantities of fuels. Stocks are running short in America and China that we and other experts have estimated natural oil, and coal reserves to be at an all-time low.
Fracking is practiced now (shale drilling) as a more on land safer alternative however this is not how the fracking fever is working, sink holes, methane in water, seismic tremors, to explosions have all been logged. Electricity is now being used more too without the “greener alternatives” wind, water, solar, and recycled power.
Oil is the answer to Ecuador’s debt and it’s now threating the lives of many. We are looking at 10,000 signatories firstly to send our message to the government of the United Nations, IUCN, CITES, America, and Ecuador to now come to some type of conclusion to solve this problem. We need your help and your single signature, if we fail then we will lose a massive proportion of Amazon Rain Forest for greed and Blood Oil.
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